Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Let’s open up Employment visas!! It’s time to grow our Global digital economy

Global digital economy has taken off and we are now in a world where significant work gets done via IP phones, email, skype, web meetings, video conferences, social media etc. But, unfortunately Decade old Archaic Visa laws still rule the roost and countries like USA are at war bringing cases for trivial visa paperwork issues. Today most people in the world are free to work for any employer anywhere in the world yet archaic Immigration departments exist making the whole economy slow down.

Infosys recently had to cough up over 34 million dollars in Fines for a US visa case. Essentially, Unless you got to have deep pockets you are busted if you get stuck in one of these baseless US visa paperwork cases.

Despite the entire countries support – Devyani Khobragade was  reindicted earlier this week by the USA and an arrest warrant  issued regards another trivial US Visa paperwork case on two counts  – This makes the whole visa paperwork process look crazy and daunting if folks like Devyani with diplomatic immunity are also not being spared.

Even Narendra Modi despite having support of a Billion indians had been denied a US Visa in the past which shows how crazy and archaic US immigration and visa regulations are.

I was personally witness to some of these archaic visa rules pressed in to harass my business by crazy US attorneys decades ago and this has been the primary reason we ensured all our Businesses are not dependent on any crazy US employment visas.

Today, Everyone is free to work where they want at the best possible pay. Instead of making it easy for people to work anywhere, What worth are these visa cases for all kinds of silly reasons?

No one is being held bondage to work making most of the US visa paperwork regulations irrelevant. What is the point of the US signing free trade agreements when it still tries to block people movement with crazy employment visas and archaic immigration rules?

It is time for the world to open up Visa regulations and accept the advent of a Global workforce equipped with IP phones, email, skype, Webex, social media etc. It’s time for opening up Employment and Work visas across the world- Let’s make our digital economy grow rapidly and get past crazy country specific employment visas!

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