Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor *Sales and Marketing Pioneer * Technology Champion *Philanthropist * Leadership Mentor

Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Startup Coach and Leadership Mentor

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni Biography Mr Subhakar Rao’s career has mirrored his five main professional passions: Entrepreneurship, Leadership mentoring,  Sales & Marketing Coaching, Incubation and Investments. In each, he has been uniquely … Continue reading


How to make your consumers market your brand!

Customers don’t share posts that look awesome; customers share things that genuinely appeal them.    Rolling out your first brand campaign from scratch is a daunting task for any marketer. … Continue reading

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How to translate customer data into fun & engaging content that drives sales.

It looks like the Californian govt. has taught an important lesson to the online communication world on digital privacy. Well, the current buzz is all about mandating warrant for access … Continue reading

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Sales-driven Tips for marketers to increase sales during this Holiday Season

Climate is slowly changing with global warming; the most heated topic that is being talked so far by most global leaders. While this has left investors apprehensive about their business … Continue reading

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Online Reputation Marketing – How this reputation scoring can earn you trusted relationships.

If you are not checking your online reputation about what others talking about your brand, you are missing something! (Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”) 72% of … Continue reading

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How to get your existing customer to buy again!

You have an existing customer who made the first purchase from you but quit coming back just after the first purchase.  You proposed an attractive offer price for the next … Continue reading

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Partner Marketing – How this collaborative multi-tactic strategy can boost instant profits for both businesses

You can’t do it all alone if you are a stand-alone entity. Joining partners empower the right marketing approach and can achieve results faster and better. (Excerpts from the book, … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing – How this powerful technique can transform market from monologue to one-to-one personal dialogues

Direct marketing via multiple channels can create two-way dialogue between customers and brands replacing the traditional marketing monologue (Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)  A direct marketer’s approach … Continue reading

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