Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor *Sales and Marketing Pioneer * Technology Champion *Philanthropist * Leadership Mentor

Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Startup Coach and Leadership Mentor

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni Biography Mr Subhakar Rao’s career has mirrored his five main professional passions: Entrepreneurship, Leadership mentoring,  Sales & Marketing Coaching, Incubation and Investments. In each, he has been uniquely … Continue reading


Personalized Marketing – How this one-to-one marketing tool can re-define customer’s buying experience

To provide personalized experience, take the behavioral cues and tailor them to suit individual customer needs.  (Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)  Generating meaningful & relevant personal interactions requires gathering … Continue reading

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Channel Marketing – How successful channel partnerships can benefit two-way relationships; from producer to final customer

Identifying the right customized channel programs to engage partners can add value in long-term relationships (Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)  To reach global customer base, employ … Continue reading

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Local Marketing – How hyper localisation in marketing can attract the right customer locally.

Hyper localization is about reaching customers through hyper local brand campaign. To connect to your local customers, enter into their “local mental map” at a distance radius set in a … Continue reading

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Marketing Automation – How this analytics engine can save 80% of your time and effort.

Is your sales cycle health slowing down due to team inefficiency? Marketing automation software can help you work smarter, not harder helping you identify- what worked, what not, and where … Continue reading

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Mobile App Marketing – How apps can ignite selling power for B2B & B2C Companies

(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”) A dedicated business app can take your marketing business to the next level. Because, it is not simply an app, it’s … Continue reading

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2 steps of humanizing your brand that transforms digital relationships!

Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, Apple – What is common in all these brands that is lacking in your brand? – What’s successfully driving their everyday choices, democratizing their products, companies and … Continue reading

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