Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor *Sales and Marketing Pioneer * Technology Champion *Philanthropist * Leadership Mentor

Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Incubator for start-ups , Coach and Leadership Mentor

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni (Stan) Biography Mr Subhakar Rao’s career has mirrored his five main professional passions: Entrepreneurship, Leadership mentoring,  Sales & Marketing Coaching, Incubation and Investments. In each, he has been … Continue reading


Don’t build big data; build smart data!

2015 is a big year for data; but more bigger for B2B marketers who turn it into actionable insights. Big data is dead, so is dumb data. This is because… … Continue reading

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Top 3 Leadership skills for 2015 business success!!

In 2015, leadership crisis is a burning factor of economic decline for most businesses! With new market penetration coupled by shortage of skilled workforce, C-level executives are working hard to … Continue reading

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5 Strong Digital Trends that are happening right now !!

Mobile. Mobile and More Mobile:  Everyone is pretty kicked up about the mobile opportunity. Mobile optimized website, sms marketing, and mobile apps download (from news update to bill payment and … Continue reading

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3 ways to convert your first time buyers into regular customers !

70% of CMOs overlook customer retention as a top priority, as per the recent Forrester survey. Sadly, this is 100% true in B2B marketing. B2B marketers lose almost half of … Continue reading

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Top 3 lead gen tools to satiate your sales hunger !!

Today’s CMOs are toiling to generate the highest dollar value of marketing efforts. And at this juncture, most B2B marketers are getting impatient to see quick ROI. But how many … Continue reading

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Cracking the swirling digital marketing whip, it is indeed a challenging journey for many top C level executives-the CEOs, CMOs, CIOs to harness the power of digital technology risk and … Continue reading

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The SEVEN steps of a customer journey

Need: Desire is the starting point of a customer journey. A customer feels the need of something and he/she wants to fulfil it. Or he/she may want something because it … Continue reading

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