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5 reasons why customers love brand experiences; not products.

Ever wondered about…. Why will customers care about your brand when there are many others in the market like you? Why your product is not selling, despite the best of … Continue reading

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7 Tips to deliver a personalized customer service in B2B business.

If your customer changes his tone, you too change your own. The thumb rule is- always follow your customer’s choice! When you add more customers & employees to the customer … Continue reading

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5 mistakes to avoid while naming your start up.

Looking for a unique start-up name? Don’t go ahead without considering the two cases as below! A wrong name – Might sound stupid turning people off; at times, they may … Continue reading

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Bold leadership is not about mere value statements in corporate business.

“Bold leadership” – Since fortune favours the brave, is it about being brave to exercise power over an entity? Think it twice! Corporate domination, visionary skill-sets, a no-prisoners approach, dynamic … Continue reading

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Top 3 Social media challenges that start-ups should consider.

So you are new-to-the marketplace company and are up for a venture? Yet confused about social media strategy to connect your customer base? No doubt, the potential of social media … Continue reading

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Brand bravery: 3 brand basics for powerful brand strategy

  If a brand message excites target audiences & they identify you above all; your brave work is a masterpiece! Here comes the theory of brand influence. Your brands needs … Continue reading

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