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5 blogging challenges to consider while writing a marketing blog.

Blogging is a challenge. Did you know why? 43% of consumers love to view video content from marketers; while only 29% want to see more blog posts. The significance of … Continue reading

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5 principles for first-time entrepreneurial success.

Most of us who live with a vision dream of being a successful entrepreneur. Sadly, only a few can undertake an entrepreneur’s journey and achieve real success at the end. … Continue reading

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10 Online money making business ideas for first time entrepreneurs.

“Where exactly do I start with?” “Where do I invest?” “Where do I save?” These are the questions that challenge most teen entrepreneurs who are entering the online business market. … Continue reading

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3 Customer journey mapping lessons every marketer should follow.

Success is a journey, not the destination                               So customer experience is, a never-ending journey, thoroughly improvised with time… Understanding what, WHEN, HOW & WHOM to sell is every marketer’s … Continue reading

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5 reasons why customers love brand experiences; not products.

Ever wondered about…. Why will customers care about your brand when there are many others in the market like you? Why your product is not selling, despite the best of … Continue reading

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7 Tips to deliver a personalized customer service in B2B business.

If your customer changes his tone, you too change your own. The thumb rule is- always follow your customer’s choice! When you add more customers & employees to the customer … Continue reading

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