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5 easy tips to grow customer database in email marketing.

Whether it is B2B or B2C business, for all marketers, a segmented customer database in the business sphere is always a fortune in disguise. Thanks to the technique of database … Continue reading

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Email Marketing – What entrepreneurs should know while empowering Personalized Marketing.

(Excerpts From the Book “The New Frontiers of Marketing”) Personalized Marketing to boost sales! A marketing message that addresses my needs rather than my name will receive 100% attention. Isn’t … Continue reading

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3 key steps to get your personalization right in digital marketing.

For serious digital marketers – Personalization is a subject not only close to their heart, but also to their marketing brains. Why? Because in real digital marketing world it is … Continue reading

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Seven deadly sins of email marketing.

Email marketing still remains the bread and butter of digital marketers. But if someone isn’t exactly getting the desired results out of his/her email campaigns then something went wrong somewhere. … Continue reading

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Intelligent Voice Broadcasting and Personalized SMS – The new marketing mantras

Falling TV viewer ratings and Folding Newspaper firms is a reality we are living in and this has nothing to do with the recession. Broadly, these channels are having reduced … Continue reading

April 21, 2009 · 1 Comment