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Five Sweet Spots: Where Customer emotions and data marketing intersect.

audience emotions and data marketing intersect

Your 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of profits! These 20% customers are your sweet spot. How would you identify them? To do so, all you need is to a clear understanding of their emotions. Did you know that 50% of customer’s buying decisions are driven by emotions? Yes, tweaking consumer’s emotions is a key tactic most marketers apply today. The core features of all products are virtually the same. Just like others, you might also give them what they want. But what is it that you are offering they too can find elsewhere? Is there a way to make them feel valued? Is your product speciality fitting their expectations & gifting an experience? If it does, that’s the sweet spot!

Remember, your customers don’t pick features, they actually pick brands.  With customers getting more selective with their choices and attention, it’s increasingly challenging for marketers to create an integrated channel of consumer engagement. But once you are successful in connecting your brand with customer’s emotions, the payoff could be huge!

So, what creates this sense of connection in customers? Of course, an end-to-end-customer experience. Right from purchase feeling to a series of facts that speaks about the product experience mixed with moments of nostalgia and the future excitement plans of usage. To bring all these emotions together, why not create a customer model they have experienced so far and suggest for other relevant ones in future? Uncanny but true, most marketers still do not know where to begin. I bet, you cannot relate to the audiences emotions unless you go back, analyse your audience and answer these three questions:

  • WHO is the audience? – (Do you know them enough?)
  • WHY will customers care for your product feature?
  • HOW it is better compared to others?

You might start right away with bombarding your customers flaunting your hero shots, but if you are not demonstrating your product value to your customers, expect your customers to be deaf and blind! In this case, you are just babbling to yourself. Why not let data build up their confidence and gain trust in your brand as an on-going process? Unleash the power of data! Think about it!

Let data speak customer emotions

It’s not merely data today. It’s a 360 degree view of the data spread across Omni-channels and the algorithm that can render predictive behaviour of customers. Numbers are higher than 78% of customers going online for product research, storing sentiments of local reviews in mind, then going ahead for purchase decisions. Emotions are fragile and if used in the sublime way can determine product relationship!

No wonder, modern psychology adopted and employed by social media has proved that emotions could be secretly manipulated. It won’t be surprising these days if you find positive future postings of your brand after manipulating your customers, thereby getting friendishly addicted to your marketing techniques. The potential of dramatic data capabilities is huge. Thanks to the IOT for making it easier for marketers to exploit customers’ emotions at a broader personal level.

But wait! Breaking through the clutter of noisy advertising and getting noticed is far beyond the laundry list that most markers mistakenly step on. The challenge is how to hit the emotional chord with the data that you collate to make them act. Start with the first five sweet spots to figure out how to connect your customers’ emotions. Let’s begin!

  1. Post Shareworthy information

Think for a minute about the information you are sharing to your audience. Are they familiar with the core features? Will it provide an emotional benefit? Why will your audience rationalize your brand over others? The emotional wants of customers might be varied and beyond the product features. But what if you can offer them an emotional differentiator that made them feel great? Share information that resonate their interest, passions, common problems & solution that demonstrates the understanding of target audiences. The initiative will motivate them to share your information once they reach out to you.

  1. Encourage Digital Self-service application

Today 70% of customers expect self-service application in a company website.

Customer support is a mainstream these days. Imagine your customer happily completing an entire transaction journey without any assistance of LIVE Chat assistance or agent. For example the travel industry, right from online booking, web check-in, printed boarding pass, and digital baggage tags as well automated bag drops – everything is possible over a smartphone via a self-service portal that hardly requires any human interaction. Today, Customer wants instant service at fast response times that can be achieved by providing certain aids for self-service. Offer most popular FAQs, aid them with screenshots, video and audio, wherever possible, optimize website into mobile friendly site, optimize search fields for quick results etc.

  1. Inspire social mentions

Spur social messages that trigger customer emotions. A feeling of belongingness, instant gratification, appealing statements et al often curtails the vacuum by almost half of percentage created in social media. Let your customers feel cool, trendy and smart. This will move them into action as they will feel emotionally connected, satisfied and valued. Not only that. Higher goes the chances of such emotions to be aired in social media and amplified amongst peer groups.

  1. Post Video aids

Video solutions loaded with rich data builds emotional connection with people. They are an excellent way to pull audience attention and shape decisions. Testimonial video, candid video, awareness video, and seasonal video appeals emotionally and if utilized to target audiences can unlock huge hidden opportunities. Emotional responses are lucrative and surprisingly fetch powerful results!

  1. Exploit customer reviews

74% of consumers say that positive reviews empower them to trust a new brand.

No doubt, customer reviews & surveys are powerful customer data insights. In fact, these are the medium of detecting feelings of anger, fear, frustrations, likeness, happiness, surprise, insecurities and many such emotions that dwell deeper inside the customer’s mind.  The insights from product reviews are real time sentiments, when broken down in figures can be powerful determiners of making or breaking the brand image. The key is to collect reviews, analyse them & redeploy them via automated NLP and other forms of AI to boost conversion rates.

It is emotion, emotion and emotion everywhere that ultimately rules the brand image. If you make customers feel great, it’s obvious that they will never forget you. Customer insights are accessible 24/7 across Omni-channels; it’s up to your marketing strategies for operational alignment to leverage them into your business gains.

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