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10 Social Media Mistakes to avoid while promoting your brand.

Choosing a social media channel that works best for your brand promotion or product depends on the type of business you are in. Your audience might not be everywhere but the right target audience might be located in any of the social media platforms.

If you try to appeal everyone across all channels without defining your audience or identifying the platform where they exist, you are simply beating behind the bush with no active results. Social media is just not a tool to voice your brand virtually, if it is not done right, it has the power to break your image even before branding starts taking shape.

So, why right social media approach matters for brands?

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn – day in day out, we scroll through social pages at such high speed that we hardly stop over for a particular brand missing out an eye. We can’t think of a minute without connecting friends & acquaintances, checking for updates every single second or simply looking for “what’s the new social buzz?”

Many brands take this opportunity to try hands on marketing across several channels in order to steal audience attention. Some are quite successful in adapting consumer behaviour and strike the deal on while others are busy in strengthening brand image, just like a resume going LIVE in front of audience. It’s indeed, a glamourous opportunity for business to put your portfolio in front of new clients and steal the limelight. But right social media filters will not only target the user base faster, but also it might be a good fit for conversions and the impact on brand image will be long-lasting. This is where the right social media tactic comes in!

Do it right.

The right social media campaign generates just the right traction in relation to the number of visitors to conversion results. This doesn’t end here. If the ratio is good, a brand earns active followers, fans triggers high shares and also enjoys an unrivalled reputation in no time!

Do it wrong.

Pushing your business to promote on wrong social platform can spell disaster for your social media campaign. No followers, no likes, no target audiences to connect at the deeper level – Who cares? If that’s what you think, you kill your brand presence!

The implications of being wrong with brand behaviour might cease a brand to exist eventually. To justify the right social media tool that works best for your brand, why not explore certain forewarnings that might save you from committing common mistakes while determining the right fit for your brand? Let’s begin.

  1. Not locating the platform with strongest audience

Simply creating a buzz about your brand on any platform without the insight where your target audience hangout online is a mere wastage of time. Whatever the audience size is, if you are not locating your audience and ascertaining buyers’ persona, you are not going right.

  1. Too many Brand mentions within content

Are there too much of brand mentions in your social media campaign? If you shout about your brand, your brand value is lost somewhere around the content. Remember: Impactful statements needs skilful art of brevity with pithy statements to generate high engagement. Done right, it invites ample shares in social media.

  1. Inappropriate content

If your content going off the topic? Watch out. Irrelevant content is meaningless for audience and might spell confusion and too wordy for them to digest. If your campaign is not to the context, your efforts are in vain and your posts look too silly. Avoid inappropriate content and build content as per audience behaviour & preferences.

  1. Brand presence in too many platforms

Trying to be active on too many online platforms might not make sense for your brand. Your followers might lose their trust or stop following you. It might also look like you don’t know what you are doing in the online world. So start off with your efforts on one platform and expand your follower base with quality posts gradually.

  1. Posting robotic content

If you are an advertising robot, you are boring to the audience!  You are also missing out timing and context. Your brand presence in social media is not enough to engage your followers. Let them know about your authentic solutions and how it relates to them. Show your target audience the way you do your business in natural human tone in a way that they trust you otherwise it might act as a roadblock to brand authenticity.

  1. Posting same content across all channels

If you are posting the same kind of content across other platforms you are making a mistake.  Updating your social media account is fine but with the same kind of content will make your business appear lazy and your social page will stale out in no time. No sooner the audience will also lose their interest on it. Content with fresh & diverse flavours that suit the channel has the potential to draw different types of audiences.

  1. Using too many hashtags

If you are using too many hashtags in your campaign, you are confusing your audience. Moreover, it is difficult for your post to compete in the given platform as there are a lot of generic hashtags in use for other content pieces.  Instead, use hashtags in context to your target customers and business.

  1. Focussing more on brand fans rather than relationships

If you are not targeting the right followers for brand engagement, and focussing on fans, you are doing it wrong. Creating a strong followers base is a matter of considerable time and persistent efforts of attracting and engaging them. If your follower to follow ratio is higher, trust me you are at the right place.

  1. Sharing other’s content

Are you sharing too much of others content in social platform? If you are sharing rigorously, it might exhaust your brand image as it leads to too much regurgitation. Create more and share less. Stay authentic to your content with a fresh perspective of insight that stands in the crowd.

  1. Infrequent posts and wrong timings

While you post your brand content in the wrong time, it is likely that your followers will unfollow you or choose a more active social competitor owing to poor brand performance. Plan your content well ahead in terms of seasonal, trending and scheduled posts.

These mistakes might sound way too common but if corrected can improve brand presence tremendously in social media without draining out too much of money on inefficient campaigns. Moreover, avoiding these mistake brands can check wasteful efforts and bring substantial benefits in much lesser time through conversions and profits, brand fans and followers.

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