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Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Immigration Visas Not a Bane for USA – It’s time to shun Visas and come back to India!


Last Week CBS aired a show backlashing Indian H1b candidates and it made it look like Indians are stealing American  jobs. We may see some more violence against Indians with these kind of shows. Stay safe or better yet come back to India and thrive.


I faced similar situation over a couple of decades ago during the post year 2000 Dotcom era. We used to train and take a bunch of sharp Indian techies on H1Bs and suddenly someone lodged a complaint to Immigration and Naturalisation service(INS)   about American jobs being displaced – We had to face a barrage of draconian visa cases which almost drove us bankrupt paying the Lawyers millions of dollars. It came to a  point where despite owning a business that made tens of millions we had to make the decision to say heck with all this crazy immigration laws and setup shop in India to directly deliver from here.  


Opportunity in India then was not as vibrant but now times have changed. There is ton more opportunity in the East than the West. AsiaPac has more thriving countries like India and China with the highest GDP and numerous opportunities abound. Come back to your Homeland – The new economy is vibrant and calling!! 


We have been fortunately blessed with a ton of talented champions and grew swiftly back to couple of thousand people team and tens of millions of dollars again. The lack of dependency on Visas has made us unique compared to the TCS and Infosys of the world.


You can too make a ton more dollars in the bank from India and with abundance of talent. With the advent of VOIP, Video calls and IOT you can be anywhere and still perform your roles!!  You can make India the Headquarters for your firm very safely. No longer are you tied to a desk or a country!! India is calling – Numerous global opportunities are originating from here – Come back and Thrive & Time is now!!

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