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5 blogging challenges to consider while writing a marketing blog.


Blogging is a challenge. Did you know why?

43% of consumers love to view video content from marketers; while only 29% want to see more blog posts.

The significance of marketing blogs lies in building blog audiences. Many a times a blog fails to gain traction because the audience who read your blog don’t really find their answers within them. Today, 60% of audiences conduct online search before getting in touch with sales representatives. Even if you reach at least 0.5 % of the population with any one of your creative blog, you are lucky. But to get into the attention economy of the right pair of eyes, you need to realize the top challenges that you can face. Once you know that, optimizing each component of your blog will just be at your fingertips!

Coming to the point, let’s uncover the major challenges to consider and scope for improvement while crafting a blog.

  1. Increasing your blog demand

If your blog fails to produce enough leads or traffic, you are not doing it right. Just check if your blog is furnished with original data, stats and facts. Yes, readers are always moved by real data that can generate meaningful insights at emerging trends. Now that’s what counts upon within your blog.


  1. Too little time for blogging

The less time you spend in writing a blog, the lesser will be the blog quality. It takes time to make a proper research required to gain in-depth insights upon the topic you choose to write. Simply picking a competitive topic for discussion is not enough; you should also ensure its application in the current state of affairs in the marketing arena.

  1. Making your blog more competitive

Whether you are an early-stage start-up, or a fast growing IT enterprise, your business idea is always a point of discussion for many. To stand out in the buzz, you need to win attention. It is not always the same things you should discuss in a blog; this makes your blog 90% redundant. Think of competitors. When their blog exist, why will your audience read yours? It’s simple.

  1. Content engagement   

This indeed, is a big challenge for blog writers. If your blog post doesn’t get visits, shares or likes, it’s evident that your post lacks engagement elements that can prompt an action within them. Actual interaction of audiences with content takes place when your blog justifies the objective it tries to achieve-whether increase traffic views, generate leads, boost brand awareness etc. Ask yourself certain questions before writing a blog such as what is the objective of my blog? What do I want my audience to gain? What counts for their desirable actions? Blogs followed by behavioural change is the final outcome of content engagement.

  1.  Content variety

You certainly wish your content to resonate all audiences. Don’t you? But one bitter truth is that each content piece doesn’t always fit into a conceivable format. Well, it won’t because striking a content variety is more than writing blogs. Content variety is about generating fresh ideas through your blogs to appeal your new audience. It’s all in the fresh new idea that you wish to convey the message through and mastering the art of conversation through your blog.

Taking into account the major challenges while crafting blog content is a huge time, money & energy saver for bloggers as well as audiences. Losing out on blog readers can impact deep for your brand. If you get your focus right while writing blogs aiming the right target audiences, influencing audience behaviour gets much easier.

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