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10 Online money making business ideas for first time entrepreneurs.

10 Online money making business ideas

Where exactly do I start with?”

“Where do I invest?”

“Where do I save?”

These are the questions that challenge most teen entrepreneurs who are entering the online business market.  Selling before your product exists is a hard idea to conceptualize. But thanks to the online technology that have simplified the process of earning an online income right from the comfort of your home. All you need is to leverage the power of internet to get noticed and test your strategy into the marketing waters!

Making first money from online business is no single strategy to survive and grow. It requires the right combination of online know-how, market approach & techniques-all put in place. Although for first timers, you can never guarantee earning $ 1000 the moment you launch! But avoiding getting hit by a few hiccups initially depends upon certain practical and fresh new ideas that you hit it right. Try them on.

  1. Blog your business idea

One business concept can usher in thousands! Why not pick your business topic and spread a lot of buzz about your product solution to online visitors? Let the blog forum act as a meeting place for bloggers, freelancers and clients. Exchange comments and pick up ideas to improvise.

  1. Introduce product paid surveys

So you have launched your product. Great! Now, let the visitors get paid for taking a product survey. Alternatively, don’t forget to ask them to fill up the consumer data. Each time they fill up and write their opinion, you have the opportunity to grab a potential resource!

  1. Monetize your website

Start a free service, whether it’s shipping, free content or free promotional course for low volume traffic. This is an excellent way to get more eyeballs to the brand and build online brand reputation. Over a period of time, check the frequency of visits and orders. Getting something for free of course will catch their attention and lure them for membership sign-in.

  1. Sell ad space for your website

Utilize social media services to sell banner space ads or make space on newsletters for advertising. Let people pay for the ads as they click to buy. This will increase your ad revenue.

  1. Get paid for Video ad views

Upload an informative but an entertaining video to ad revenue sharing sites. Opt for ads play for few seconds just before your video plays. Earn cash for each video views. You earn for click through value based on the number of times your video has been seen.

  1. Add affiliate links to other business

An incredible way to sell your service and earn commissions is to include affiliate links to blog and publish on other brand sites say Amazon. A blog populated with affiliated links published can earn revenues on qualifying products as you get certain percentage of total sales generated by the other brand altogether.

  1. Promote other businesses via your website 

You can generate more money if you promote other businesses through your website. Seek for advertisers who can pay you for promoting their services and products on your site. This is a win-win situation for both the parties where you can earn and even your associate receives constant online traffic on their promotions.

  1. Attract fresh eyes via RSS feeds

RSS feeds contain fresh updates from websites that has the potential to hook interest of the online visitor. Though it works great not only for new readers but also for the brand in a way that when someone clicks one of the ad, you get paid.

  1. Offer niche service consultation

If you are good at your business; you have a great opportunity to showcase them being a niche consultant. Why not offer service consultation to similar business seekers just with a blog and a catchy title such as “Hire me”? Present your idea online. If it fits the onlookers need, you got a deal!

  1. Include pop up & pop under ads

Although a hated idea for most advertisers, one profitable way to make good money is to place display pop up & pop under ads to certain parts of website that generates value for visitors. Set your own price rate to each clicks. As the CTR (click-through-rates) rates increases, there’s a money guaranteed.

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