Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

5 reasons why customers love brand experiences; not products.

customers love brand experiences

Ever wondered about….

  • Why will customers care about your brand when there are many others in the market like you?
  • Why your product is not selling, despite the best of quality & your marketing efforts?

What is wrong with your brand?

Well, that’s because you are too obsessed with product features; but you hardly think about your product service in terms of customer experience!

Customer experience is the new marketing key today. Even the slight slip-ups that brands commit unknowingly might lead to serious consequences. Brand mistakes are CX killer! Consumers always go by their original brand preferences when it comes to purchases. Frustrating moments of experience are always memorable for customers, no matter the brand.

Did you know poor customer experience can cost a brand more than 65% of revenues they have spent? The worst scenario is it might spell a major failure from the customer’s point of view negating hard earned good reputation you have amassed over the years!

Act before it is too late!

 Most marketers are so busy with selling the best features of their products that they skip the customer experience part. Time is less while resources are many. How will you best utilize them to stand out in the clutter? It is not enough to launch a great product and sell benefits to customers. What is more significant is creating an overall brand experience at every possible touch points throughout the customer journey, whether in person, or digitally or via customer contact services.

Wondering why customers love brand experiences? To improve the brand experiences for customers, why not keep a note of these reasons in front of mind?

  1. Preventing brand failure is a great CX boosters-

About 60% customers who have experienced worst CX failure will be less loyal to brands; while 64% of customers will stop recommending the brand.

To match up the CX game in marketplace, prevent your brand mistakes with a sincere apology. Speedy corrections of the mistakes are less likely to risk a relationship failure as customers appreciate an attempt to resolve an issue; unlike a move-on with another brand.

  1. One positive experience can initiate brand recall

If customers can feel your brand with heart and soul, it results in greater recall rate and a stronger purchase intention. Helping customers with brand efforts can make your customer smile and feel special. Moreover, these can act as useful reminders of brand over the time.

  1. Word-of-mouth spreads fast

74% of customers trust word-of-mouth as a key influencer in purchasing product.

Needless to say, negative brand talks will kill sales in seconds while positive reviews can boost brand engagement. Word-of mouth-referrals can travel faster than light in creating positive or negative brand experience

  1. Customer convenience can make or mar brand image

A convenient buying experience is natural referral booster that can usher in more sales! Customers with positive experiences are more loyal to brands and are long-term customers. Get things done easy and make brand purchases quick and convenient; this comfort level works great for customers.

  1. An experience beyond moments of purchase can make a difference

Customer experience doesn’t end till product purchase or service tenure; in fact, the experience goes beyond just one-time purchase. Prolong the customer relationship by encouraging repeat purchase, sending out emails of interesting product updates. Such actions can tie-in the customer for a longer period of time. It can also increase the chances of bringing the customer back into the selling platform once again.

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