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7 Tips to deliver a personalized customer service in B2B business.

personalized customer service

If your customer changes his tone, you too change your own. The thumb rule is- always follow your customer’s choice!

When you add more customers & employees to the customer value chain, your business grows. And this is where you need to know that the customer is always right! A great customer service is indispensable for your success.

So, you are doing great! You will definitely not want your customer to forget you just the moment when the transaction is over, right?

What matters to the customer

56% of B2B decision-makers are reported, willing to pay more for products/services for superior customer experience.

It’s a high-priority responsibility for a business to deal with customer problems. Customer problems do vary from case by case, especially in the B2B space. The B2B purchase process is different as it involves technology choices that have to be well-suited to B2B Customers.

The challenge?

  • How to address the data, issues & interactions at the company level while missing out multiple customer contacts.

B2B purchase issues might vary but the customer profile might be the same; while B2B customers might comprise of multiple contact points within the corporate market. At this juncture, lack of clear understanding of the business customer might induce more complexities, given the huge dollar value of sale and large deal size. So, is it not is more rationale to be more “humane” to build a personal relationship with them?

The personalized solution

The solution lies in making the problem sound more like “human” rather than a “business” problem. A great deal of customer data knowledge is essential with the customer support agent to back up the entire sales process throughout the B2B buyer’s journey. Well, creating personal relationships by breaking down silos within organizations to communicate internally and then solving problems will not only bring customers closer but will also develop an agile customer-driven workforce in any B2B business.

To learn more, here are 10 interesting tips of delivering personalized customer service solution in the B2B environment.

Tip 1: Personalize customer’s buying process via social media

B2B business is changing with a high level exposure to online marketplace. B2B customers are increasingly gathering insights via social media reviews, peer recommendations and mobile apps before they go for final decision-making point. To boost customer experience, generate digital interactions to gain insights about customer personal buying habits.

Tip 2:   Integrate smart features to educate customers about product  

B2B customers make educated buying decisions only after comparing and contrasting the available options in the marketplace. So why not educate them with smart features of website that help them seamlessly connect you? Let them browse product catalogues via sophisticated & personalized interface and let them get introduced all by themselves to gain confidence before they purchase.

Tip 3: Track real-time behaviour to optimize your next level of personalization

Take a note on how customers interact. Find out what makes your customers drive into your store. What excites or motivates them? What can be done to best engage them and retain them as they shop?

Category preferences, real-time product view, customer testimonial videos, new promos, ebrochure-it can be anything!  Personalize your next level of customer engagement based on the inputs gathered.

Tip 4: Make your customer feel like a business partner

Often, involving senior company executives and officials presents a human face of the company to the customer and makes him feel like a business partner. This will not only humanize your brand but will also present an individualistic approach towards the problem resolution. A customer is a multi-billion business in B2B space; so breaking down silos between both companies & balancing customers need can engage the customer at hand and aids in quick decision-making.

Tip 5: Make customer retention technique long-term

It all lies in building strong relationships with customers. Employ customer retention tactics to hold them for a longer time through a long cycle of interaction and engagement. Embark upon tools such as online help centre available 24/7 that can resolve customer issues efficiently and FAQs where customers can identify their own scenarios and get answers to what they are actually looking for.

Tip 6:  Make sure that you define customer experience before you deliver

Many times, most B2B companies do not clarify the nature of customer experiences that their brands desire to deliver in tune with customer needs & expectations. Invest your time and resources to clarify customer expectations throughout their B2B buyer journey. Utilizing social media aptly in this stage can do a lot more to engage customers as well as leveraging the brand image.

Tip 7: Build customer trust in B2B relationships   

Assure your B2B buyers by offering personalized product reports or product related news that are most relevant to them and provide suggestions on how to do better on them. Deliver curated customer-centric content to customer segments. Such value-added content will not only build trusted relationship but will also boost conversions.

These 7 tips appropriately implemented can greatly help marketers to personalize B2B buyers’ journey before competitors’ chance them out. Try them on!

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