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Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Bold leadership is not about mere value statements in corporate business.


Bold leadership” – Since fortune favours the brave, is it about being brave to exercise power over an entity?

Think it twice!

Corporate domination, visionary skill-sets, a no-prisoners approach, dynamic insights, transparent priorities, charisma etc. – many things come into picture along with hyping bold statements and behaviour in the name of bold leadership. A signal of a big change is bold leadership, no matter if this includes a fight for your vision.  Bold leadership takes a step forward when all other attempts fails to win being surrounded by leadership crisis. Every business success story is definitely a record of traits of indomitable courage at the right moment in decision making during turbulent times. And that’s a history in itself.

Most business organizations today are in a complex shape. Business needs leaders to take bold decisions for innovative change.  Any multi-million dollar decision can impact huge- either make or break the business if the leader himself lacks a strong vision & guts to execute the plan. Bold initiatives guided by vision are most likely to work at complex situations with the right set of plan in action.

But what gives a bold decision an extraordinary shape?

Guide your way to execute bold leadership!

Big powerful changes can happen via bold leadership! Many controversial yet legendary companies gave big turnaround stories by guiding their choices of bold leadership. Remember how the Apple co- founder, Steve Jobs brought his personal vision back to life from brink of disaster with his bold initiative?  Fortune favours the brave spelled true for him when his personal vision coupled with initiative risks determined his future success. Likewise, Dan Hesse, the Sprint’s CEO saved his company from losses worth a million by implementing his bold “Simply Everything” rate plan when the company was incurring losses!

Bold leadership is not about…

the qualities, traits & approach marked by value statements that you deliver in speech or hung on Company walls .

Being a bold leader is about…

  • an act of passing your legacy to the next generation of leadership talent pipeline
  • nurturing the millennial spectrum of today by example, the assets of the business management roles
  • stepping out of the comfort zone to fulfil the purpose of the organization
  • infusing entrepreneurial spirit into new minds.
  • guiding followers exhibit the same behaviour

Bold leaders are bold decision-makers with sound judgement

Bold leaders know how to manoeuvre the wheels of an organization. Bold leadership is about finding what is needed, what will work and what not and pair up action with solid knowledge. It is about implementing a visionary strategy at the right time and at the right place & the right person.

Being bold is being influential

To lead the way, the first step is to create an influence.

Today is the age of the millennial mind of professionals falling within the age group of 21-33 year old. While research on higher age group of above 33 suggests a shifting mind-set entangled with social and psychological issues.  Such older group are handling mid-management roles and are often too hard to be moved with an unproven idea.

To capture the listening mind of the old millennials, leaders should play the role of influencers first apart from being savvy business minded. By infusing the same sense of action knowledge, & confidence, leaders add energy to the team to drive success together.

Bold leaders find out answers to quench the thrust of their visionary mind

This is the age of entrepreneurship explosion where young company leaders of the next generation are up to take the next stride. It is not enough to start with a vision and plan a strategy. Without finding out the right answers beyond corporate laws, purpose & process, the innovation perspective is dormant. It is about identifying risks and mitigating them with an integral effort. It is also about understanding the ego-centric millennials beyond the hype. For a visionary, it all starts with a probing mind-set, even though it might be an initial non-profit for business.

Being bold is about building next generation of visionary leaders

The talent pipeline lies at the roots of any organization. It needs vision to find & nurture them.

As a visionary leader it is important to stick to your guns while you fight about your vision. But, it is also equally important to strengthen the pillars of your business thinking approach. Who are the pillars? Obviously, the next generation of managers and potential future leaders! A leader should be able to envisage the next generation to be retained within the leadership pipeline and let the leadership thrive across all areas of business.

To conclude, in this hyper-competitive marketplace & stressful environment, crisis communications are imperative. Bold leadership should exhibit strategic decisions that streamlines operations and creates transparency in communication, unlike mere bold statements.

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