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Top 3 Social media challenges that start-ups should consider.

Social media challenges

So you are new-to-the marketplace company and are up for a venture? Yet confused about social media strategy to connect your customer base?

No doubt, the potential of social media is tremendous for the new age entrepreneurs that can spark opportunities for the new market. However, the win is not that easy. Faster connections, advanced technologies, fragmented platforms, brand superiority, scattered audiences, new strategies of audience connection, products and service uniqueness- all these can impact huge on your online presence!

Big brands dominate newbies which makes it difficult to engage deeply with the audience across all social channels. Nevertheless, the competition, start-ups find it difficult to afford a dedicated social media manager to manage quality content across channels. Social media is not like before. It is even more complicated with the advent of new apps that are grabbing more eyeballs. And once you lose traction in social media conversations, getting back to restart those conversations is way lot a challenge!

Well, challenges are many. But to keep the buzz going around your brand before you launch, it is important to first identify your social media goal and determine what your business plan is.  Have you figured out yet? If not, begin with these

  • What’s the social media goal for your business?
  • What are you likely to accomplish from two-way social conversations?
  • What is your social media approach as per your budget?
  • What will work now compared to what has worked before (till 2015) & why?
  • How will your audience base grow?
  • How to encourage shares, likes and comments?

Imagine out of the 2.037 billion active social media users around the world, if you can influence at least .000001%, you are indeed a lucky one and an emerging brand icon! But to turn out to be lucky, you won’t have to follow someone else’s tried-and-tested method to maximize your impact. Neither can you simply create a social media page and forget about it!

Social media will work if you are powered by the answers to the challenges of timed-behavioural interactions that your business will face day-in and day-out. Let’s dive in!

  1. Which platform should you pick?

A social media campaign to start with, might include a minimal investment, but not all social media platforms are equally suitable for your business. It entirely depends on what you are selling and your target customer’s persona. Also, you need to be aware of which social media channel your audience like to spend most of their time.

For example 67% of B2C companies have acquired customers from Facebook while 41% of B2B companies are gathering prospects from this channel.  This suggests that Facebook works best for B2C companies.

  1. Are you losing the focus on your targeted niche?

Technology is fast paced and ever changing which means most businesses will apply new & fast strategies to pace up their digital projects & gain traction. It is a major challenge for start-ups to get easily distracted with new projects that cross their way of digital advancements. Don’t get lost by other brand methods; rather shape up your own innovation in building relationship with your niche right from the very beginning.

  1. Are you up-to-date with the new social media influencers?

In the year 2015, influencer marketing has yield 6.5$ for each $1 spent in paid media campaigns. Such is the potential of social media influencers to reach your target audiences by powering up your marketing message!

And the top social media influencers in today’s advertising landscape are YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, etc. that can create huge buzz and reposition your brand over nightly! What can be the best way to elicit audience engagement than a relevant content outperform across all social channels by mere partnering with selected social media influencers!  A shared and talked-about content is always a turnkey.

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