Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Brand bravery: 3 brand basics for powerful brand strategy



If a brand message excites target audiences & they identify you above all; your brave work is a masterpiece!

Here comes the theory of brand influence. Your brands needs to be heard; communicated and generate a lot of noise to curate content. Real bravery doesn’t rest on how loud you beat your drums in media platforms but the way it is conveyed to your audience.

With the rise of a multitude of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram with integrated video content), a wealth of opportunities lies for marketers to create personalised targeted messages. A good news indeed, for marketers! But are marketers exploiting these resources in the most profitable way? Well, most of them are not. Marketing your brand for this new brave marketing landscape definitely needs you to redefine your brand strategy once again.

Whether you are a marketer, an entrepreneur or business owner, don’t these questions often overpower your mind?

  • Is my brand message impactful?
  • Will my brand message be rejected by my clients?

These fear shocks of rejection is each entrepreneur’s/marketer’s marketing phobia today. No-one is perfect in the art of branding and mistakes are inevitable. But by employing certain brand basics within the strategy to effectively express your brand message, these risks are worth taking and makes a lot of sense. Let’s dive in.

  • Being human

Building your brand with a genuine purpose is by itself impactful for consumers, whether it is publicized or not. Think about Ethical Bean, the famous coffee brand that sets the mood instantly about a unique combination of organic coffee taste within the consumer mind. This brave brand delivers its promise by not only retaining its latest ethical flavour and rich aroma but also through its fundraising charity that supports small coffee farmers around the world. This warm feeling evoked by the tone of the message has not only spur a positive reaction but also captured millions of hearts!

  • Being truthful

“Deliver what you say” is there where you stand by your words. Think of Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple- All these brands have delivered exactly the same brand message by infusing “act & react” campaigns that customers want to perceive & act upon. This is the reason why these brands are called “vision brands” as they retain their popular brand culture since more than 100 years! Moreover, each communication articulates the best compelling brand factor delivered seamlessly to the audience.

  • Being ambitious

“A bold choice of a brand to handle complexities amidst adversities always outshines”.

A gateway to the corporate world is an exciting chance to glitter your way out with ad campaigns. But, in this “glitter-driven” media business many brands forget to actuate the real opportunity sensing the urgency of consumer needs that can turn into a viral success. For example, Uber the start-up transportation service aimed at solving transport problems, despite the poor cab infrastructure, successfully tackled by providing free rides to the tech community and gradually gained grounds of popularity amongst early adopters. With time, this  spotty cab service proved to be a new cab experience delivered just via a couple of smartphone taps wow’d the experience thus making sense out of marketing risk impacting millions of people!

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