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Brands! Use these 5 tips to get your customers love you back


Brand relationships with customer are never one-sided!  To create this relationship, it takes more than an excellent product offer. This is because, both brands as well as customers are benefiting from this two-way relationship.  Where customers wants to come back for re-purchasing moments, there are brands who want customers to love their product and return to you again and again. But customers are fickle minded which means they can switch or stick at any time, any moment. No one can guarantee their fictitious behavior with levels of loyalty change or sudden moments of dribbling away. Neither can you clone your ideal customers even if you wish!

70% of brands say that retaining an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one.  And customers who are loyal can make up 70% of total sales! Given the numerical facts, what will make your customers love you back ensuring that their happiness is restored?

Well, few brands that have cracked the love code have emerged as loving brands by dominating the battle of customer’s hearts. Yes! Love & loyalty should be reciprocal.

Think about Patagonia, the outdoor online catering brand for apparels that implemented a resell program through eBay for their long durable “worn wear” for customers, unlike going by the common ways like loyalty points, rewards, or discounts. The basic idea behind is to recycle the Patagonia garments (for skiing, climbing, trekking, surfing) that are much durable, reducing the need to buy over time. By encouraging stories shared by customers about their brand experiences, this brand did a phenomenal job in conveying two important messages to the world that provides value to customers:

  • Durability at the highest level in Patagonia clothing & gear
  • Share experience by keeping brand memories alive!

This customer reward program not only gained the fame of a meaningful brand in customers’ eyes, but also noted internationally for outperforming in the reward program that handles customer loyalty.

Not all customer loyalty programs work out so well to generate such customer values. For brands, building brand relationship with customers is highly invaluable. And if the relationship is built on the exchange of relieving your customers from inconveniences-nothing like it! Here are top 5 tips brands can adopt to grow up to be customer’s favorite brand.

  1. Let customers feature their own experience

Encourage customers to participate in brand’s forums or groups where they can voice their own experiences. Alongside if they can also suggest new features as well as vote on others suggestions, customers really feel special. A fantastic opportunity offered by Patagonia outdoor clothing & gear to share customer experience and individual life story is a Live example of spreading the brand message so well.

  1. Provide great service to customer’s context

Every brand enjoys customers of diverse mind-sets & behavior that vary as per the higher or lower level you set for your customers. And each level of customers will have their sphere of influence upon the next level that can make or mar your brand reputation. For example, if your brand identifies customers into A, B, C & D level as per their potential impact on other business, the right nurturing strategy with a tailored approach to the specific level of customer can not only deepen customer relationships but also create positive brand image, scaling customers from level B to level A.

  1. Connect customers via social media feeds

It is a fun way to check relevant customer feeds and get in touch with customers through social media. Customers love online brand relationships that are active, responsive and reactive in social media. Why not connect them over Twitter and Facebook by simply responding or liking their posts whichever appears to be relevant to your brand? This not only generates a warm feeling in customer’s mind but also works as a reward of clients’ loyalty.

  1. Quiz them about your brand

A surprise quiz to reward customers? Well, a quiz is an excellent way to peep into the knowledge that each customer holds about your brand. Do they know enough of you? Sometimes, a survey followed by a small reward can help you to find out-

  • customers’ brand knowledge in-depth
  • Whether rewarding customers can generate a positive brand image
  1. Rewarding customers with a badge of honor

Customers feel enthused if they are rewarded with a badge of honor based on every purchase from the brand. It is an interesting way to make them feel special based on purchases, referrals, special events, birthdays, events etc. on specific products and brands.  One such best Loyalty program is MageWorld that provides the opportunity to exchange and extend reward points that encourages customers not only to buy their products but also feel motivated enough to be retained.


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