Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Why marketers need unified customer engagement platform today



The entire world has gone mobile, with transactions at fingertips processing every second for every new purchase order. No doubt, a website that syncs customer’s mobile experience to deliver the highest customer satisfaction maximizes its chances of completing a transaction. But marketing today is not limited to buy and sell transactions. Tracking, analyzing and predicting customer choice even before they feel the need is the new trend of PERSONALISATION.

The cause

Today’s customers are bombarded by irrelevant marketing messages that are the underlying cause of leads leaking from the sales funnel. Such messages frustrate the buyer. Customers expect a meaningful brand conversation that can resonate to what they are actually looking for.

Rising customer expectations have left marketers with no choice other than predicting and matching their interest even before they think to purchase! To do this, however, is not that easy. In order to grab this quick-to-act opportunity, marketers need to engage customers individually by institutionalizing interactions. With more than 1000 multi channel programs, marketing strategies in action, determining a clear customer view and optimize customer interaction that can eventually pull a customer into the sales pipeline has become crucial and too cumbersome for marketers.

The result?

Well, too many interactions across multiple channels & brands messing up customer data. Also, marketers are being steered away from getting a unified view of interactions across disjointed channels and applications. This is resulting in delay in customer churn and long purchasing cycles or sometimes no customer churn at all!

What is the solution?

A unified view of omnichannel customer.

It is not enough to track & analyse interactions across all channels. To optimize personalized experiences in customer-context and deliver fast communication, it is important to construct a central repository of customer insights, spanning multiple touch-points rather than collecting data by breaking down data silos. By unifying consumer moments across multiple platforms and brands that are often disconnected, marketers can build Master Data Management System, wherein, customer insights in diverse context can be sourced as per their relevancy.

This, when applied at diverse stages of customer purchase cycle can create win-win customer scenarios leveraging a strong cohesive brand relationship with the customer. The complexity of business revenue streams and operations with a centralized system of course, needs a fair integration of separate CMS/blogging or third party system integrations such as media players, search, social tools, ERM, advertising/campaign servers and more. But a single, unified business platform can encompass and streamline all functions into one by capturing all key activities across all touch points.

A unified customer engagement platform (like Affino) – A gold mine of real-time customer data includes these benefits

  • Automate all conversion events across all channels
  • Optimized customer journeys & strengthens relationships
  • Seamlessly connected customer data to identify customer identity at each level(badge wise)
  • Customizable customer engagement program
  • Deeper customer engagement
  • Maximized business value


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