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5 smart reasons why video marketing should be your first strategy, if you are a start-up.

why video marketing should be your first strategy

80% of world’s web traffic will be generated over video marketing within 3 years i.e. by 2019.  Smartphone internet access will be three times as high as the global population.  – predicted by CISCO.

The future internet traffic is going to be purely video based which makes it a major traffic driver! Customers love watching videos; Google loves video & frequently place them at the top of the SERP. Apparently, promotion-focused content strategies have become old tricks to lure customers & amuse them.

As a start-up, you might promote your brand via blog, PPC ads, websites, SEO tactics etc. (which are still half-baked ideas). You might rake in few likes, posts, shares or comments. But is your brand gaining the traction it needs from your social media customers? Probably, no.

Well, you might need to try something else. Content if turned into videos can draw 100% engagement for the brand! And if you are yet to get it, consider the stats that empower the potential of the right type of videos to make it go viral.

Instructional videos are preferred by 67% of social media users

Humorous videos are loved by 64% of online users

Informative videos on products & services are watched by 64% of online media users

Reciprocated videos (gratitude and brand love) towards customers are shared 12 times more by viewers

Do the above stats raise your eyebrows? It is well proven that brands with viral videos are legend and a huge boost to brand perception. Today, 85% of companies have experienced their success over video marketing. However, to make your brand marketing strategy effective, it is also important to determine the key objective of your video marketing campaign to find value out of it. So, what are the key objectives you should set to your video marketing campaign? Let’s check out.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase online engagement
  • Boosting customer education & knowledge
  • Increase leads generated
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Boost traffic views
  • Improve lead nurturing
  • Improve brand engagement & sales
  • Increase sales revenues

Your online video show can really prove to be a profit making business overnight. To know about their distinct advantages, why not get a look at some of the reasons to start video marketing right away

Customers want to see in action, not just read

A brand connection is felt immediately if people see your product in 3D from every angle. Such a product service in action can create an instant trust on the product and might strike a better deal with the client. Moreover, videos cut down information overload, increasing brand engagement by incorporating 1000 words in 1 min video show that makes it interesting to watch.

Google ranks video higher in SERP

Ever wondered what makes videos appear at the top of the Search Engine ranking Page (SERP)? The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube. Video content are highly valued by major search engines in page ranking mechanisms. If done correctly, video thumbnails & transcripts are indexed at the top by Google, thereby boosting up your page rankings.

Videos can transform boring messages into cute, catchy appeal

It’s surprising to see how an animated post such as Australian Metro’s PSA, “Dumb Ways to Die,” on train safety has garnered public buzz of more than 117,597,330 views! Well nothing much to discuss a topic like but this has proved to be a huge commercial success! Kudos to short animated content video that turned to be a viral sensation in just few days while spreading the message to the rest of the world.

Videos productions are devoid of technical whiz

Thanks to video creating app Twitter Vine, Instagram etc. It is featured with a few free editing apps for iPhone enabling video creation in a budget-friendly way without involving any professional crew or studio. Recording animated motion video clips through such apps are easier and faster.

Videos lets brand go viral

Think of the “Honda loves you back” video campaign in appreciation of Honda fans that digitally underscored brand relationships with Honda fans. As per the latest industry data, this “loving Honda” theme raised demand metric as high as 682 million media impressions, 120.2 million Twitter impressions & 1.76 million YouTube views generating huge positive sentiments & enthusiasm world-wide. Imagine. Such is the power of video marketing in exposing your brand messages in seconds across the world!

No doubt, the techniques discussed above are highly proven and effective. If done properly can generate huge massive vantage in cutting through the noise. Try them!

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