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How marketers can use social video marketing to deliver an impressive ROI!!

social video marketing

31% of moviegoers are reported to say that they would like to go for a movie after watching the trailer online.

Does it connect with the marketers? Digitally, yes! This connection to brand awareness and marketing to digital currency is crucial and an opportune persuasive moment for marketers to pull in more audiences; thereby making a tangible difference!

No doubt, social media videos that go viral and shared repeatedly own an emotional benefit. Such videos elicit emotional responses that are sensitive and are most likely to provide the answer which audiences are looking for. Well, emotion and logic can pay big time in marketing, regardless of industry but only if you can employ both balancing the right mix of logic and emotion. The result-marketers can get conversions as high as one-tenth revenue earned from the sale of movie ticket.

Think of the Budweiser Puppy Love ad-This ad generated over 1.5 million shares earning the highest television coverage that moved the needle.

The power of emotional thread

Long or short. What matters for today’s marketers is doubling up views and getting your video shared. This doesn’t simply indicate the number of shares but the economic value metrics that include active engagement (comments per video), amplification rate (shares per video), applause rate (likes), and the real conversion rate per user. Viral videos with more shares are more likely to generate sales and recommendations from peers. Clearly, if the video can evoke two types of response:

  • Psychological response (positive feeling)
  • Social response (motivation & interest to share )

Well though there’s no specific set of rules that can guarantee video marketing success but going by the observations of past success of viral videos, certain lessons can surely unlock the potential to influence more sales. Here we go-

  1. Launch a descriptive social video for each product

Thinking of a product launch? First launch a social video. An interactive video is likely to generate 44% more purchases unlike an image. An educative product video loaded with full information that customers are looking for can easily spur engagement and push them towards the sales funnel.

  1. Serve logic sandwich on how your product is better than others

Implanting a unique selling point within your marketing message will definitely kick the different angles of the human brain. Humans go by logical drives and if you can rightly trigger the solution to the problem, this will leave no other reason for the buyer not to notice you.

  1. Stay in touch with your audiences by giving video based product updates

Building brand relationship is crucial for every brand. An up-to-date product video that with highlights of up keeping new industry trends is 5x likely to grow in sales.  Often, a specific feature that hooks a particular audience’s interest can head-up to boost sales.

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