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3 Essentials of branding psychology to create brand engagement.

3 Essentials of branding psychology to create brand engagement.

“A disciplined segmented seasonal mailing always experiences high open rates”.

  • This is a tried-and-tested method with the 2016 Valentine’s Day campaigns that started nearly three weeks back, unlike 7-10 days before the event. The Valentine’s theme based emails received 30% open rates sent to 47,000 people!

Such longer promotional period with the right timing to fire email arrows into the right hearts played the trick!

But what digital branding strategies laid the groundwork? The answer is the psychology behind a crafting a brand message much well planned beforehand.

Digital marketers try out innumerable ways to convey their message across their audiences. Some messages are heard & instantly acted upon; some are left isolated, unheard ending up into trash.  The real purpose behind messaging is communication and strengthening communication requires a deeper understanding of the voice, tone, style, timing, specifically tailored to each type of customer. In the absence of the context of use of the right message, understanding of consumer psychology & perception towards the brand, it is impossible to deliver the desired effect of the message to the audiences.

It is time that brands need to stop shouting at customers about selling their products & services. Memorable brand messages are the distinguishers of the brand that are crafted rightly keeping in mind the target audiences.

So what is brand psychology?

75% of success of brand identity lies in the psychological effect on target audiences imposed by the message.  So it is ultimately the consumer psychology that makes or breaks a brand image. Human psychology is the brainchild of brand building. And the best way to reach the human is getting a message across that can spark right sentiments, emotions & psychological responses.

To generate this psychological influence that can evoke consumer decision-making in favour of a brand, here are top 3 essentials of brand building  to make your brand message stand apart from the rest.

Build brand comfort 

Consider the benefits of creating affectionate bonds with brand advocates. Find a way to trigger their interest level that can foster loyalty strengthening brand relationships. Also maintain a consistent brand image across all channels.

Boost brand confidence through positive customer experience

You will cross half of the digital marketing journey if you can manage to align your self-image with customers’ experience. Customers are fond of lasting memories and brands that provide real-time positive experiences can easily create authentic brand values. If you are great in building their memories, this attachment can rightly build relationship with the brand character.

Amplify your brand message offer based on earned media feedback

92% of consumers trust earned media which means they trust shared communications through word-of-mouth or recommendations.

As brand marketers, connect the target consumers, evaluate reviews and recommendations & then tailor their experiences to your specific brand message for your target audience.

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