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How to make your consumers market your brand!

How to make your consumers market your brand

Customers don’t share posts that look awesome; customers share things that genuinely appeal them.   

Rolling out your first brand campaign from scratch is a daunting task for any marketer. It takes massive creativity and marketing efforts, a blend of unique marketing tactics and on-time deployment- to make everything fall in place within a start-up environment. And a no-brainer is the massive budget involved targeted towards digital revenue-generating tricks to steal a market share and then gracefully grow your brand.

Well, not every start-up can rely on the percent of revenue spent on marketing budgets; a lot depend on the quantum of resources, research based marketing strategy to turn your brand story a successful initial hit.

Marketing brand using social media

But thanks to the social media in this digital technological age that has created ample opportunities for brands to push brand messages seamlessly to their respective communities. And imagine, social media lets market brands for free! For the marketing mavens, this is a powerful and credible way to push brand stories in the wave of online buzz.

But, how will you spark that dialogue between buyers and sellers in a way that can connect your marketing message deeply with the mass audience?

The answer is a co-ordinated and collaborative social marketing strategy.

Customers are driven by conversation, rather than ads in social media. Today, it is simply not enough to promote a problem-solving product amidst the online consumer traffic and push them towards the point of sale. With myriad options of competitive products around and research savvy customers pulling out more research data online, it is quite challenging for market players to gain fans on the strength of mere engagement tactics. But once you are successful in getting your prospects far down the buying cycle, this is where your actual purchase product life cycle just begins!

Here are 3 effective trends for marketers to follow up in order to benefit from collaborative marketing:

Peer-powered visuals 

Simply push messages will not let your brand message cut the clutter of marketing noise and gain attention of all customers. One-third of paid display ads are never showcased in social media platforms. At this juncture, it is crucial for brands to build brand advocated who can talk about the products and services to create brand conversations. Such social connections with advocates will enable customer’s peers to spread information to a larger group.

Build continuous customer relationships  

Nurturing customer relationships is an excellent way to improve customer intimacy with the brand. This calls for a balanced customer relationship that involves prompt response of query, problem resolution and appreciation stroking the emotional fires. As customers trusts their peers who have interacted with your brand before, reciprocal interaction greatly affect customer’s action in marketing brand via word-of-mouth.

 Localize your brand story for each specific community

Making your brand story as relevant as possible to the specific community can serve a way lot in generating personal point of views or customer sentiments freely by community members. Personal conversation and discussions provides more insights to understand the local consumer. This also gives a familiar space to brands to build local connection further intensifying the social connection with customers and social sharing of brand story by local customers.

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