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How to translate customer data into fun & engaging content that drives sales.

How to translate customer data into fun & engaging content that drives sales

It looks like the Californian govt. has taught an important lesson to the online communication world on digital privacy. Well, the current buzz is all about mandating warrant for access to any company’s digital information or data via public mobile devices – right from Gmail to Drop box. Does that serve as a new hope to digital privacy rights or a barrier of communication for new age marketers?

It is inevitable that this new move will slow down reliable data capture & data accumulation for new age data driven experts. This might sound a difficulty to many. At this juncture, how will the market players increase their chances of customer data acquisition by playing smarter?

The answer?

Social media has all the answers. In this tech age of fast online interaction and transaction, it is social media that acts as powerful tool to extract, access, use and re-use customer information than ever before. Right from connecting online audiences via brand communication to last minute redressal of complaints-every interaction opens up a meaningful opportunity! And finally, not to forget web analytics surveys, online researches, trends and stats that are all time supporters to create trending custom content for them.

Marketers are always in love with big data, no matter whichever means the data flow to them contributing to the growth of interactions every minute and every second. To exploit this goldmine of information, count upon these effective ways of transforming customer data into creative engagement by intelligently leveraging them.

Investigate on customer pain points      

Creating plenty of content everyday but leads gets fizzled out just after 3 weeks? Think again!  Are you aware of what’s bothering your customers? Well, to know your customer pain points, you have to become their friend to get to listen to them to their queries, concerns and then redress them.

To investigate, conduct in-person interviews, online surveys, field surveys or researches on demographics that can provide insights on what customers are looking for. Once you gain customer insights, repurposing your campaigns to drive leads will be 100 times easier!

Optimize your website content via inbound strategy

Many a times, revamping the site incorporating the right content that audience wants to see can significantly life page views by 415%. Let the content speak exactly the prospects language. This will not only increase chances of the addressing the prospects problem but will also lift website engagement over the time.

Add creativity and fun within direct mail marketing campaign

When you are executing campaigns, are you aware of the fact that incentives offered to the customers via an email campaign can broaden its appeal as much as 400%?  Yes! Simply by sending gift certificates or offers as an incentive to the most valuable prospects can boost huge encouragement of consumers to consume whitepapers, blog content and webinars! The net result-20% more leads and 10% more engagement!

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