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Sales-driven Tips for marketers to increase sales during this Holiday Season

Tips for marketers to increase sales

Climate is slowly changing with global warming; the most heated topic that is being talked so far by most global leaders. While this has left investors apprehensive about their business portfolios; marketers are also longing for striking nature-friendly relationships that they seek to establish with customers.

Marketers know where to invest and the best time to invest.  This holiday time is yet another chance for marketers to close and open some interesting climate deals, propping up customer sentiments in the most eco-friendly way. While shoppers have already started hunting for deals, marketers are also up on heels to craft the best customized holiday marketing plan and deliver the right deals at the right time.

Oh, how brilliant it would be if only they knew which deals can serve customers expectations. Well, but how?

By identifying the data that unveils their shopping habits & purchasing patterns. Yes! This has tremendous potential to drive sales and inventory decisions! This data is crucial and as vital as pushing customers to the point-of-sale.

Well, every marketer wants to implant purchase intent into the customer inside a fantastic deal that can pull customers via a deal magnet. To achieve this, a lot of market research, marketing nuances and good judgement need to be applied. Here are 3 little tips that you can incorporate while planning your holiday marketing strategy to boost your sales throughout the New Year!

Check if your sales trending are going down this year  

Unlike the previous year, revise what needs to be changed after your new marketing technique is put to test. It is important to figure out the average level of sales achieved, compared to the previous year. Often, this includes a plan of action and CTA rightly aligned to fit the time of the year. Based on your year-to-date sales compared to previous year, you can determine if this particular trend has to be changed.

Offer a complementary service

Customers usually love free services. So why not gift them something that they don’t have to pay for in an eco-friendly way? Offer a sample or a free eBook across your website for free or just let out a free service. Let the customers try before they buy it. And see your sales soaring high!

Optimize customer experiences across all devices    

As customers are universal users of multiple device types-smartphone, tablets, iPad, it is important to make customer purchase a hassle-free and seamless experience. Make check-in, product select and other transactional activities customer-friendly and happy experience. This will generate additional revenue to your business while keeping your competitors at the bay.

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