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How to get your existing customer to buy again!


You have an existing customer who made the first purchase from you but quit coming back just after the first purchase.  You proposed an attractive offer price for the next purchase to attract your existing customer. Even after your unique seasonal reminders, getting back your lost and inactive customer can be challenging.

Certainly, this is not where your business ends. In fact, this is just the starting point of customer purchase process that involves the beginning of nurturing the predictable cycle of interest. Existing customers have the probability of selling by 60 to 70% than new customers. Nurturing old customers of course is 5 to 10 times cost-effective as you have already built the credibility base and business relationship for repeated customers. These customers might stay inactive for some time post-purchase which simply indicates that you have ample opportunities to resonate, find answers and then nurture their interests.

Find out why your old customer is inactive

With the advent of social networking sites that fuels opinions about brand purchases and offerings, customer feedback is widespread and almost everywhere round the clock across the web. It is extremely crucial for brands to figure out the actual reason behind the sudden change of past purchasing behaviours. Assuming the good quality service that you provide to your customers, monitor closely the comments, posts, shares and likes about your brand. Understand the rating structure and popularity of your brand in social media. Also, reflect upon your social connections – are they stronger enough to maintain regular contacts with your old customers? If not, which remarketing tactics can lead to renewed interest that can make them feel valued?

Repeat customers are likely to visit more often if you can fuel this huge revenue generating opportunity applying the right re-marketing techniques.

If you are still wondering, here are some email remarketing campaign ideas that can help you boost sales from your contact database without being extravagant with your marketing budget.

Abandoned cart email remarketing campaign  

An email designed to make the customer recall about a past purchase who abandoned the transaction at the last minute is an excellent way to get in touch with the customer. Such a campaign should be designed in a lucid style to help the customer understand the purpose of the email. A strong call to action at the end should prompt the customer to return and complete the purchase process.

Wishlist email remarketing campaign

Many times customers add items in the wishlist but dribble away without making the purchase at the last moment. Let your remarketing campaign send alerts of pending purchases reminding the customers about the urgency of the item selling out. This might act as a stimulus and incite the customer to buy!

Referral email remarketing campaign

Referrals act as social proofs for influencing customers in the buying process. Why not add them as testimonials to your email remarketing campaigns?  Pull customer tweets or social media user curated content and incorporate them into your email campaigns. This will not only gain credibility but also build confidence within customers to get back to your brand once again!

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