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Gift Marketing – How this emotional technique can put your prospects in mood to buy from you in minutes!

The best way to make a sale without push marketing is to make a customer “smile” as people buy only when they are happy about it.


(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

 A company can increase double digit revenue to triple if promotional campaigns can target happiness as the key to obtain quick emotional gains in building great relationship with customers.  

Getting eyeballs, attention, top-of-the mind, and word-of-mouth is all just about appealing, wooing customers. Gift marketing can easily accomplish that. It is true that gift thrills anyone and everyone and particularly in business, it is the key to earn more sales!

Employing a pricing strategy to sell your product might not work right if your customers don’t feel positive about it. Agreed or not? Even a simple campaign with an idea of a quality gift can deliver better returns by getting your customers excited about it! Do you know how? All you need is a simple gift that appeals customer with no out-of- pocket costs. This will act as a direct sales booster!

How to count upon major smiling factors in gift marketing   

It is crucial for businesses to earn customer loyalty. Hence, to connect with them emotionally, you need to give gifts as a marketing initiative. However, NOT all customers who are gift recipients can drive lifetime customer value. This depends on how you set your budget as an investment, rather than money being thrown away. Set your budget in a way that focuses on promotional value of marketing. Each recipient must have several numbers of contacts to share their gift or message across, while there are some who are lured by simply with the idea of collecting a gift. Converting a gift recipient into a customer requires kindling a few major smiling factors that associates gift marketing. All it takes to hit the major smiling factors such as

  • Prospects goodwill
  • Employee excitement about brand offer
  • Repeated purchases
  • Fast selling

Types of gift marketing

Personalized T-Shirt, Caps Marketing: Just sponsoring a cap or pen and getting instant connect with all the participants at a relatively low budget for most enterprises.

Holiday gift-bags & Back Packs: Gifting Company bag-packs with name and company logo engraved on it is an excellent way to promote market brand.

Well that’s not all! There are more insights to unlock the different types of gift marketing  you can apply to promote your business and increase brand awareness. To enlighten yourself on more gift marketing strategies to reach your brand follower’s heart, read through the self-marketing guide-book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”- a complete end-to-end marketing solution for upcoming marketers and the business owners of the industry.

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