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Channel Marketing – How successful channel partnerships can benefit two-way relationships; from producer to final customer


Identifying the right customized channel programs to engage partners can add value in long-term relationships

(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

 To reach global customer base, employ a combination of direct and indirect marketing channels that regulate seamless product flow across multi-channels

Moving goods from production to consumption involves a series of channel support vendors across a wide sales territory such as brokers, agents, re-sellers, distributors, vendors, manufacturers, integrators etc. B2B channel marketing employs more than just one channel to conduct business between two trading parties and enabling sales for products by channel partners. This begins with identifying the right channel partners for marketing one business to other business that expands product customer base.

Channel marketing is not same as marketing as it involves right channel partners for global product distribution. And in B2B business, it is impossible to conduct business without channel partners. Think of the business giants such as Dell & Apple that have been routing their products and services successfully to the mid-market. A network of distributors, re sellers and partners are involved that employ customized channel programs- strategies, educational resources and marketing campaigns to execute a productive business strategy and a healthy partnership.

Why it is important to set channel marketing alignment with new partners

Channel marketing strategy is a complex channel program and largely influences the way a product is sold. Channel marketing plan undergoes a lot of micro planning, analysis, insights and customized approach that well-suits the needs and taste of the resellers. Individual partners’ opinion might vary dramatically based on

  • Target market (enterprise, mid-market, small-medium business [SMB])
  • Vertical market expertise (health care, education, government, etc.)
  • Geographic presence/reach (regional…worldwide)
  • Core competencies & solution differentiation

For marketers looking for baseline to visualize channel routes- how about a Channel Blueprint, that can help you optimize your channel routes for your channel strategy? Well, with so many channels available, incorporating a channel blueprint has its own advantages as it helps evaluating every new channel and discovers hidden business opportunities from new customers!

There are more such insights which you can learn from “The New Frontiers of Marketing”– A digital marketing masterpiece with more than 100 best self-marketing practices.


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