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Local Marketing – How hyper localisation in marketing can attract the right customer locally.

Local Marketing1

Hyper localization is about reaching customers through hyper local brand campaign.

To connect to your local customers, enter into their “local mental map” at a distance radius set in a local area.

Then build brand relationships…

(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

Local marketing is local community marketing that delivers targeted advertisements, timely and locally optimized, to drive consumer experiences.

Your customers are in close vicinity to your business area. This geographical area to reach out to customers is where your marketing home field starts from. Using your hyperlocal content, you can narrow down the psychological distance between your brand and your customers by tapping into this proximity. Proximity leads are more likely to convert if targeted offers can generate emotional and closer personal connections at the relevant timing.

Why should brands care about hyper-localization?

The following stats that relates to proximity marketing clearly affirms the value of local marketing for marketers:

  • Google reports that 72% of consumers who search for local information on a smart phone visit a store within five miles
  • For small businesses it is estimated that close to 90% of all your customers operate within 5 miles of your business’s location
  • About 70% of your customers are typically within 3 miles of your location
  • 53% of consumers wants to share information about their location to receive more relevant ad updates
  • 62% of customers share local deals and offers with friends

Well, the above facts clearly establish that people like to shop or eat near their homes as it is more reliable and convenient for them. This has evoked a sense of personal mental map that covers the geographical shopping centres, favourite restaurants and particular stores that can be easily remembered within their own surrounding areas. The catch? For marketers, an excellent opportunity for repeat business and make your customers keep coming back. Hence, local marketing or advertising is extremely important for building real-life brand connections with local community around you.

How local marketing campaign works?

With the advent of hyper-technologies embedded in smartphones, consumer marketing is re-defined to craft personalized single minded message incorporating accurate customer insights. These insights are localized that now includes the psychographic information in perfect sync with your target audiences. Such hyper-localised data is greatly helpful for marketers to create relevant local marketing campaigns, unlike mass marketing.  The strategies to develop local marketing campaigns are:

Social media: A great medium to draw your local audience attention by crafting relevant marketing message at the right timing.

Free classifieds: Free ad services to promote your product and services in your locality.

Press release: Writing a press release and circulating it locally can make your product news go viral in no time.

Want to learn more? Learn about more local marketing strategies from “The New Frontiers of Marketing” with top 100 plus self-help marketing techniques to market your business.

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