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Marketing Automation – How this analytics engine can save 80% of your time and effort.

Marketing Automation

Is your sales cycle health slowing down due to team inefficiency? Marketing automation software can help you work smarter, not harder helping you identify-

  • what worked,
  • what not, and
  • where should you improve

(Excerpts from the book, “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

The right marketing automation software can double up team efficiency reducing human errors. To set it up right, nurture leads at the first place, then automate the mid-funnel with sophisticated automation tools!

Your marketing communication program needs to be tracked, regulated and optimized to deliver a seamless sales eco-system. Here comes the marketing automation software, an integrated platform that can streamline your lead generation and nurturing programs. Setting up automation software helps speed up team productivity boosting your lead quality and sales by streamlining customer data integration, customer segmentation, campaign management and customer relationship management.

Marketing automation facilitates 1:1 targeted messages and helps you craft your marketing messages as relevant and as personalized as possible. But, how would you integrate marketing tasks that can automate conversion paths spanning multi-channel touch points?

Well, we have the answer.

Consider these powerful ways of integration to automate your digital marketing process.

Automated, yet personalized, email marketing:

Marketing automation system software collects the data and relevant information in detail from prospects and site visitors. This helps marketers send targeted and personalized email messages to prospects at the right time

Integrated CRM and Web Analytics:

Integrating CRM and analytics will leverage the power of data-driven insights by synchronizing CRM data. This will improve personalized email marketing campaigns and activity to make them more relevant.

While there are numerous best of breed marketing solutions to automate your digital marketing, how will you determine which marketing automation software is the right fit to differentiate you from your competitors?

To help you out, here’s a list of the types of marketing automation that can guide you in the integration process.

Lead management – It helps to track relevant information about the lead, shares updated contact information and appropriate activities that helps in managing and conversion of more leads.

Automated marketing campaigns – the automated and targeted marketing campaigns reach relevant audience creating optimal impact inspiring action.

Why not gain more insights from “The New Frontiers of Marketing”- a complete digital marketing guidebook that can save 80% of your time and effort? With the help of this self-marketing guidebook, you can master the nuances of email marketing practices in no time!

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