Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

2 steps of humanizing your brand that transforms digital relationships!


Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, Apple

– What is common in all these brands that is lacking in your brand?

– What’s successfully driving their everyday choices, democratizing their products, companies and services?

Well, these brands are not using technology to their best of advantage. It is the consumer-brand relationships drilling deeper to form long-term relations that are accentuating everyday business, driving more sales, more ROI! Today, brand-driven human relationships are the secret of driving digital business.

We hate banks for credit card calls, love app purchases over smartphone and believe cable companies as chasers. 

NOT all customers know about you or find your brand relevant to their changing needs and preferences. Neither all customers are equal in perceiving your brand. But to build a unique relationship, linking your customers in a deep personal way is the art of “humanizing” your brand.

Why humanize your brand in consumer’s mind

You want to be loved by people. No matter the impression you create amongst your followers and fans, the perception with which I walk around is how I understand your brand. The digital world is noisy; so to express yourself and stand out in the competition your brand communication should necessarily be human. It is easier to think everything about a brand the way you think it to be, but did you think about what everyone thinks of you? This is where you need to humanize and let your brand speak like a human. An example to this is how brands are fashioning slogans that articulate people’s imagination.

The first step: Help people realize their dreams through your service

Helping people realize their dreams and goals is the first step to be human. In order to establish this, brands should act as digital humanists, rather than a digital machinist. To achieve this, generate your products putting people at the centre. Instead of aiming at a robotic solution that hardly takes consideration of individualistic choices, understand what customers expect, observe their behaviour, then come up with a solution that best addresses them.

 The second step: Create memorable customer experience    

As customers experience your products, let them improve on their experience. This is achieved by delivering mutually beneficial experience customers actually want to experience. Deliver personalized experience that customers will love to share and talk about. You are not leaving your customers alone. You are giving space to customers that can put them in touch with other customers spreading the word-of-mouth!

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