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Email Marketing – What entrepreneurs should know while empowering Personalized Marketing.

(Excerpts From the Book “The New Frontiers of Marketing”)

Personalized Marketing to boost sales!

A marketing message that addresses my needs rather than my name will receive 100% attention. Isn’t it?

Personalized marketing messages can deliver 6x higher transaction rates than non-personalized emails. But to reap the real benefit of email marketing, all you have to know your customers in a better way. This is possible only if you discover the data records that produce the data customers’ loves to find out.

The catch – Yes! The power to influence sales through your marketing messages. There are more than thousands of ways to access this valuable customer data that unlocks the transaction gate for businesses. A few of the proven and exclusive techniques are discussed below. Grab a look.

Online Newsletter marketing

A common send out for marketers as it looks but has a huge potential to increase your subscriber base. Learn to balance your newsletter content. This exclusive technique, if done properly can skilfully channelize your prospects into the sales funnel.

Article Marketing

To keep your engaged and make them come back again and again, what can be the better way than generating a compelling content that proves to be 100% valuable and worth reading? Think about it! Getting your article or blog shared not only makes your repository a trusted source but also a popular blog hub. Isn’t it?

Tips Marketing

If you offer tips, why not make them as useful as possible? Make your tips short and helpful. See how it drives ROI.

Infographic marketing

Resort to visual compelling charts to offer insights to readers. This will trigger their attention and also boost google page rank instantaneously!

And that’s not all! There are a lot more to be unlocked and explored…

This book contains real insights on the best marketing techniques-some are stand-alone, some can be exercised as combinations to boost ROI!

Take your pick and unlock the marketing powers by reading this book. Knowing such techniques will not only save your marketing efforts and cost but will also help you envisage future marketing possibilities just by applying the right nuances!

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