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Blogging tips to turn your blog into a business ROI engine!

Short, crisp and catchy- Well, this sounds interesting to stop by and read on.

Isn’t it?

A business blog that attributes the above qualities receives highest comments, likes and shares definitely create voices in the conversation. It then becomes easier for the marketer to determine its success metrics!

Blogs are your home base, a centre that not only builds readership, but also fuels social media, SEO and drive sales! Today’s blogs are the source of lead generation and online reputation that can pay big time if done strategically and cohesively. But NOT all blogs can trip up successful businesses and NOT all bloggers can apply the right nuances to generate voices within conversation.

A blog exhibiting reader friendliness, especially when you are writing in a stiff corporate style requires strategic placement of well-researched keywords, right tone, and engaging concept, high quality and so on. Truly dedicated followers find uniqueness within the content piece to read, learn and enjoy.

Blogs are the life-blood of every content marketing business; hence, it is important to feed updated & relevant message 24/7 that seems welcoming to the online users. Of course, not-to-forget and not-to-miss-out- quality as an important blog metric for content marketing. Building quality content can do a way lot to grab attention, hook the readers and invite them to stop over.

It’s all about blog transformation!

It is an undeniable fact that blog marketing and its purpose has undergone radical transformation with the wake of new age media and digital technologies. Today, blogs aim at hyper-targeting retention, pull web traffic and increase leads. Building readership content has become the need of the hour. Breaking the conventional style of normal writing and undefined blog writing parameters, today, the focus is on engaging personal tone and drive traffic and finally conversions. However, there is a thin line of differentiation between business blog marketing and content distribution.  While business blogs aims at educating the targeted audiences with insightful information, content distribution or promotion aims at content sharing. It is similar to blasting out message in masses. The prime philosophy of blog writing is: “get your content in front of the right people who want to read at the right time”.

Content writers! Even small changes to your blogging method can definitely yield staggeringly significant results. If you are not sure of your blog strategy, take a look at 7 best ready-to-implement blogging tips, combined with little work, can deliver big results. Here we go!

  1. Split-test blog titles

A blog post title is the most significant part of the content and 80% responsible for click-through. Most marketers skip the effort of performing an A/B split test and just publish the post randomly. This can render all your big-time efforts in vain. Test different titles via a simple WordPress plugin. Check the best quality performance that generates more clicks and key them in. All it takes is just 10 minutes of extra work to save more than 6 hours of effort and time!

  1. Add email opt-in box

It is simply not enough to write what your readers want to read. Relevant blog content is useless if it lacks email opt-in requests for readers and subscribers. Adding an email opt-in form increases chances of growing subscriber lists and also to stay-in-touch with the visitors and blog readers.

  1. Interlink your blog for better visibility and reach

Interlink your blog with one another by choosing appropriate anchor text, right keywords that can pull traffic to your site. This will benefit you in 2 distinct ways- more page views and improved SEO, doubling up chances of the visitor visiting the other blog pages in page views.

  1. Include tweet links

An excellent technique to make your blog shareable is to include a couple of tweet links encouraging you to share on Twitter. Remember your objective is to make your blog noticeable and sharable in social media. These tweet links are ready-made options to share an already published post on other sites linking additional visitors in the viewable loop.

  1. Fine-tune your blog post timing during peak times

Apply the nuances while timing your blog post. Scheduling blog posts at the right time greatly helps in boosting engagement and alters blog traffic. Typically, Monday posts attract more traffic while Thursday posts work best for comments. Schedule your post after a thorough research beforehand based on the goals to be achieved. Remember, a stitch in time can get you as much as 300% more traffic and engagement.

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