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5 Deadly Sins of Sales Prospecting !!

Sales Prospecting

Without sales, business fails. Hunting for new business is the life-blood for any business. Sales being the center of universal business, most sales managers are driven by enthusiasm of closing, improving and increasing sales. Little do they care about the 10-20% of customers that sneak away owing to economic slowdown, bankruptcy, mergers or simply because the customer is no longer interested.

More than 65% of companies suffer from the key issues of sales prospecting failing to generate a positive sales revenue stream. Bad sales habits end up frustrating buyers, killing conversations that cost to the company tremendously. While some sales mistakes are permissible, some others might be the deadliest sins to commit in B2B business, upon which failing to rectify them might sink the entire sales team and destroy the business line.

Breaking off bad sales habits

Often awful attempts of sales people tend to make prospects turn them into victims rather than a happy sale. Did you wonder why? Because habits are hard to break and these habits can do more damage than good to your business. Most sales personnel go clueless when it comes to tele prospecting the clients. Just after a 30 second elevator pitch, there’s hardly anything left to convey in the sales presentation. This steers away the attention of the listener finally losing interest from the entire sales conversation. Bad habits breed less sales and eventually lesser revenues. Sales managers should learn how to build suspense throughout the sales call to keep the prospect interested right from the beginning till the end to make it work.

Take a look at the five deadly sins that sales people commit in the first 10 seconds of the sales call which they are commonly guilty of, when sales go off the track.

Making more sales calls:

Most sales managers resort to doubling up their efforts to engage their team in sales calls when sales results show up below target performance. Un-informed or reckless sales calls can spell more disaster to the business putting the prospect off immediately. Watch out if you are wasting time on no-decision making levels with influencers and lid-level managers of prospective clients, just to end up hearing with a slow ‘No’. A slow ‘No’ is worse than a quick ‘No’ that robs off sales people from their most precious time, efforts and energy. It is a total waste.

Focusing on sale rather than the client:

Most sales personnel talk too much over calls about the company story, achievements and failures to the buyers, rather than offering the benefits or solutions. Prospects don’t care about your company unless they see a solution. Let prospects do 80% of talking rather than you; which signals that they are more involved over the sales call. If your prospects speak more, your opportunities to gain insight are more.

Robotic script:

Nothing is as big a turn-off as robotic scripts that kill even the initial essence in less than 5 seconds. Robotic scripts face rejection faster the moment they open up as they lack a natural conversation with prospects. Most sales pitches begin with open-ended questions that fail to resonate the prospects with the offer. Matching the prospect’s frequency of excitement with the right tuning that can shape their needs can propel them towards the purchase cycle.

Mixing prospects with suspects

Most B2B businesses fail to distinguish between the prospect profile and the suspect profile, ending up wasting time, efforts and money altogether. A sales suspect might or might not be a buyer; while a prospect is a serious buyer looking for an immediate solution. So never mix the two, as blasting a sell message to a wrong person can cost you money and time.

Pitching more than required

Goofing up throughout the conversation with the prospect instead of concrete sales discussion is a serious sin. Assuming more about the client and smothering them with abrupt replies will rather bewilder the prospects developing a tendency to escape. This will pave the way of losing prospects faster than earning them.

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