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Creativity and data-Let’s be best friends in 2015!!


Primitive Marketing Age: 80% creative

20% logistics

Modern Marketing Age: 60% logistics

40% creative

Makes sense? Imagine, by the time you launch your next campaign, it will already be outdated. Credit goes to fast progressing social media marketing tactics generating another updated series of consumer preference data! Here, only one hero steals the show-‘creativity!’ -putting your data at the limelight!

2015 is the new age of digitization of information. CMOs/CEOs/CIOs today are mastering data-driven insights based on creative technologies. One step ahead, almost all C-level executives will transform into creative data-drivers in 2016! The explosion of digital assets (videos, graphics, digital gamification, etc.) are raising audiences’ expectations to serve on-demand services, to be highly relished by audiences.


  • Data scientists used to search for clues scanning spreadsheets and graphs to solve unanswered questions

  • A mutant marketer used to scan digital haystack looking for a data-needle in desktop screens

Let both of them shake hands! Friends forever? Imagine what can happen next…

Data scientists: ‘Overcoming singularity, now, I am a creative visualizer of factual information!’

Data marketers: ‘Yes! Now, I am a creative messenger of data resources’

The catch: Original ideas flow out freely and creatively, converting possibility into gaining profitability!

To strengthen creative data driven marketing effort, why not take a look at the top benefits of today’s data-driven digital marketing optimized by creativity? Here we go…

Earn more with less:

With clients’ brands hosting openly in advertizing platforms, this paradigm shift has actualized owning ad platforms, speedy execution of ad idea and changing advertising partners in the digital space. All this has paved the way to new creativity and new digital ways of promoting products and services, fostering culture rather than follow it. The next big result is biggest opportunity, biggest audience exposure and a big win of massive sales!

B2B marketers are shifting from creative leads to leading creative teams

Hit and hit big!

With this new marketing strategy, B2B marketers are a one-step closer in bridging the insight gap, by exploiting brands’ customer data via customer interactions across all digital marketing channels. This is preventing budget wastage, marketing effort wastage, and time wastage. Now, marketers’ focus is shifted from tracking a shared family computer to single person using multiple devices via cross-device tracking strategy. The result is marketers are successful in building an attribution model improvising returns on ad spending and ROI.

Data management platforms to curb customer data risk

75% of CMO’s will rely more on enterprise data management platform. This will function lot more than a media tool to double up marketing benefits. This will include data collection, interpretation, classification, data storage and indexing data in the most secured manner without risking privacy of customer data. This is how it works:

  • importing data from multiple media channels

  • collating structured information from different systems and segregating them at customer/cookie level

  • uploading important information (email id, address, loyalty points etc)

  • segmenting by age, device usage(ipad or whatever)

  • matching customer ids by defining groups

  • suggest new customer groups to target

  • define groups for digital marketers benefit

  • estimate the price and number of prospects to be reached by vendors

  • generate specific customer reports

And since 2015…

creativity and data happily becomes true friends everafter…

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