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Top five CEO Traits To Master in 2015!


2015!-another year of technological advances, growth and economic changes. But along with it, let’s not forget the challenges for the CEOs to brace up. Meeting financial milestones, recruiting talents, striking profitable business deals waved in front, there is a growing threat of losing leadership insight and vision for most CEOs. As companies scale up, certain attributes and unique skills become indispensable to handle critical issues that are most challenging. The changing paradigm of customer relationships, sales and marketing, human capital concerns and lot of other issues to handle the growth levers to orchestrate business growth warrants capacity building ability to actualize the vision and mission set forth.

Take a look at the five top traits that separate the CEO’s from the leaders, to be honed over the time. You may not embody these traits as an entrepreneur, however, being receptive to new ideas will definitely ensure rock solid business foundation.

Build credibility

Quite often, CEOs are reluctant to share the negatives of business, going by the fear of difficulty to lead people during the toughest times. This is where credibility comes to play. Most CEOs unveil half-truth about business losses that results in ruining their credibility with employees and partners. Such businesses not only suffer from significant losses, but also demands change in leadership as an immediate action. Stick to 100 percent of the truth even during adversities, this will help you work your way out even during uncertainties and crisis. Likewise, delegate official tasks most efficiently amongst your employees; this will further strengthen credibility and create another layer of trust for you.

Be an Intrepid pioneer

Being intrepid is the quality of taking risks even in the midst of highly complex environment. This involves taking calculated risk to mitigate a business threat or crisis. Business processes involves turbulent conditions and complex situations through which many CEOs fail to bring clarity and gain a vision. At such times, finding a perfect order even in the midst of chaos can only help tackle multidimensional problems and clearly define unidentified business goals.

Networking skills

Networking is the life-blood for today’s business survival. Unless you expand your network relationships, operational network will fail to meet short-term objectives that are chalked out. Most often, the organizational structure demands corporate ties that are lucrative for successful business operations. The CEOs should maintain good networking relationships to build the solid foundation of business within and outside the organizations such as customers, clients suppliers and distributors. Adopt strategic networking skills to let your business survive within the realm of relationships that can significantly empower you to achieve your organizational goals.

Build value-edge

It is important for CEOs to understand the value-driven proposition delivered by their businesses. The companies that demonstrate better values than competitors to the customers gain a competitive edge by subtly executing defensive schemes at times of apprehension and uncertainty. It is up to the CEO to demonstrate as the best determinators of underlying market changes. This will not only enable them drive hard bargains but also strike the right balance intuitively to ensure corporate success.

Adaptive decision-making skills

It doesn’t take much time for a stagnant business to extinct forever. Successful CEOs should look beyond the their business technology to leverage industry trends. Critical and incremental business decisions taken by the CEO depends a lot upon problem-solving adaptive techniques implemented with the right combination of intuition, logic and common sense. This urges for quality decision-making skills fore-seeing future opportunities that can generate real value for long-term business growth.

One comment on “Top five CEO Traits To Master in 2015!

  1. Dr.Partha Sarathi Ganguli
    October 3, 2015

    Good afternoon. Was referred to this site by Mr. Durgesh. Me involved in entrepreneur and skill development wish to get in touch with you to explore the possibilities of making available your guidance to my students.

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