Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Why Refreshing Your Visual Brand Story Matters?


Are your brand visuals stale! Outdated?

Are your brand visuals catching fresh eyes of your fans?

Are your visual content bringing shares, likes or comments?

No doubt, visual social branding is the new wave of today’s marketing business. To keep your brand alive, refreshing your visual branding account from the inside out will make all the difference! B2B Marketers! it’s no secret how the fastest growing communities- Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have made consistent visual recognition by personalizing their own stories to generate fan views, likes and shares. Visual content curation is a game-changing way to strike unique new associations of fan base to your brand. Think about the active pages of popular brand accounts in social media that are recognized as the best brands. These brands are successful in creating dynamic social imagery in the minds of thousands of followers and fans for a long time.

Hubspot reports that visual content enjoys more than 94% of total views and 40% higher chances of shares on social networks. The art and science of visuals, visual marketing research and reports clearly indicates the rising numbers of visual engagement metrics and potential clicks.

If you score higher EdgeRank and newsfeed visibility, your chances of amassing likes and shares will go higher! Want to know how it works? Here’s how.

Your visual content is filtered by news feed algorithm or a machine learning system that detects the visual content to be defined as high quality. Consequently, based on your standard quality score, your social media channel (say Facebook) will conduct a marketing survey to generate a report of the quality of interactions to the users. With every newsfeed scrolled by the viewer, your newsfeed will continuously get refreshed and get locked at one place, generating a high-scoring visual content at the top-page view of the audience.

Go visual with social media!

The fastest way to grab your online audience attention and maximize your brand presence is social media. Today, the most stalked brands are highly active in social media because they can well connect their brand with their audiences and convey their brand personality. Social brand advocates are the end-results of brand engagement who are also the major driving forces of sales. 92% of people rely on brand advocates while purchasing future products as per the recent study made by In order to match social media profile to product branding, it is up to the marketers to find unique ways to

  1. grab attention

  2. engage audience

  3. stimulate recall

  4. create a unique brand persona

  5. strike consistent communication with fan base

Maintain consistency across platforms

Every now and then social media platforms, say Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube undergo a series of design changes that transform the look and feel of business account pages. It is highly important to maintain a consistent identity of your brand across all platforms. Clearly define your brand account with a theme colour for your brand logo across all other platforms. Create a unique platform content for your brand which is relevant to the specific platform. The more relevant content you produce for your audience, the more engaged audience you will get.

Consider brand re-design

Renovating your brand can significantly increase brand views. Check if your products and services are outdated and needs to be re-formatted. Try tweaking current services and product content into your brand content that can help you reach exactly to the target audience you want. Check for the logo style trends and ensure that it is current with the changing marketplace. Remember that your brand renovation should serve its purpose of building your brand equity with your logo.

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