Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Top 5 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Master!!


It is a never-ending dispute as to whether entrepreneurs are born or shaped. But the actual secrets of entrepreneurial skills are the polished efforts that sets them apart. In business, it is the entrepreneurial skills that makes your business flourish and earn riches; not just theories.

With continuous transformation and changes brought to update business plans, the confidence of most entrepreneurs are shaken. Most of them struggle to arrive at a decision that can determine business profit or loss. Marketing strategies and business plans need a boost to orchestrate business processes that can rightly be orchestrated irrespective of risks involved. This needs certain traits, data-driven mindset, entrepreneurial skills to endeavor to business success.

2015 Entrepreneurs! It is okay if you are still at an early stage of devising your business marketing strategy of this year-all you need to succeed is aligning your marketing strategy with updated marketing plans to stay one step ahead in the race.


Your marketing plan = your confidence

Hence, it should be backed by well-researched data and solid facts gathered over the time that are enough to convince your financial lenders about your winning chances. The changing needs of clients and consumers should reflect in the business strategy that should also abide by the regulatory restrictions. Keeping that in mind, let’s get started with the top 5 entrepreneurial skills for fast business success.

Manage business funds

cash is the king. Managing the business cash flow is the key skill required to meet your day-to-day financial requirements for regulating your business processes. Your business budget should answer all your company’s finances-whether it is employees’ salaries, managing accounts, purchasing inventories, paying for supplies or paying to creditors, and the like.

Raising faster funds

You need out-of- the box thinking to fund your business firm diverse sources over the time. This is where your skills are put to test; your art of selling your business ideas to your partners and how well you convince them. This is possible only through vigilant efforts and leveraging the right contacts with your financial partners who can act for the best interest of your business. By keeping transparency in your business plan, you not only build trust but also build strong business relationships with your financial partners.

Communication skills

Nearly half of the key business decisions are based on effective communication skills with clients and customers. Your client communication and employee management at different levels can raise the most urgent concerns that needs attention immediately. Such face-to-face interactions should be clear and concise, sharply focused at the problem and should drive the best solution. It is important to confidently communicate all your points that can resolve business conflicts in a strategic manner.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills is all about right people management. This includes strategic management and innovative vision to enable transfer of knowledge at all levels and at the right time. For an efficient entrepreneur, it is not enough to inhibit innovative ideas for the management team; an apt entrepreneur should know ways to convert them into action and generate productive results from each organizational team. An entrepreneur should exhibit leadership at all levels right from interacting, sharing, delegating, and mobilizing.


Attention entrepreneurs! It is your business planning that can make or break your business during critical times. Building a plan that can successfully withhold your long-term business objective and business interests certainly requires effective skills combined with the right plan of action. Hence, it is important that business plans are flexible to be changed and updated as per the changing business dynamics. In fact, it is more of an art rather than a skill!

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