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Marketers! Don’t market; Rather Solve Prospect’s Problem via 5 Simple Ways


Check out this pointless sales talk-

Amazing offer! Awesome opportunity! Cutting-edge technique! Best service! First-time opportunity! New offer!

Nothing new to be deleted by you isn’t it? These are just like coffin nails coated with spammy odour; you delete, the moment you smell in! No wonder. Everybody does!

So, whom should you blame? Marketers? Obviously yes!

Marketers! you are not the only marketing voice crowding together within their inbox, with unwanted emails they hate to open. Most businesses are too confused while crafting their marketing message. For some, it acts as a slogan; while for others, its rumination of awards of excellence own in recent past. Still for others, it is their company vision and mission statement.

– Sadly, it’s none of the above.

You vs. your competitor-It’s all in an approach!

Your prospects have two choices-either it’s you or your competitor. It is all wrong when marketers assume that their incredible product will automatically make prospects interested. Note, it is not your service or product that chooses the right customer; it is the solution to the customer’s problem that the prospect chooses. Adopting a problem-solving tone in your marketing message is the approach to make all the difference!

To transform your marketing business into solution-oriented service, you need to first emerge as a powerful and helpful problem solver to your clients and customers. Here’s how to do it.

Make your customer the Hero of your story!

Every story depicts a hero. So does for marketing story. Decide upon who is your hero – your brand or the users of your brand? You might have to rework if it is the former; for the latter, you save your day once you find the real hero in the form of your customer.You just play the role of a mentor as you enable your customer forsee how your solution can offer the right insight to customers problems. Your prospect might already know what he wants; illuminating them how your product or service can offer the added value apart from the solution is the trick to own them.

Resonate your marketing objective with your prospect!

Many B2B marketers live in confusion while deciding upon their sole marketing objective- Is it aimed at sales?Are you focussing on mailing list? New lead generation? Or brand exposure?

Once you pinpoint what exactly you are trying to achieve, you can easily figure out your marketing problem and ways to solve them. Consequently, aligning your customer development process with the right marketing objective to come up with will not be that difficult.

Analyze your customer’s decision-making drivers!

Analyze what’s standing between you and your prospects’ decision-making ability-Is it an updated information, an up-to-date product view? A competitive product feature? Or a missed opportunity of online visibility? Or is it because of your stale impression?

It is a good idea to craft your marketing message based on such considerations rather then building them out of nowhere. Steering clear your marketing roadmap by writing customer analysis plan can help you outreach potential clients Once you figure out the key drivers, you are obviously in a better position for facing all your branding challenges.

Explain how your solution differs from your competitors!

Communicate your differences and specific virtues that your product can offer. Instilling the perceived value of differences into the customers is important for your brand to be heard. Instead of ‘what we do?’ focus on what is it in it for me? Is the principle to gain more prospect’s attention, as you have something they will care about.

Quench prospect’s inquisitiveness via configuring other customer’s problem!

Your confused prospects always strive to figure out similar pain points of other buyers before jumping into their own solution. No wonder; that’s a common psychological phenomenon of humans! This is where testimonials, customer reviews and feedback comes to play. Once a prospect figures out a solution-driven situation obtained by the same species, it is easier for them to relate and ease off the feeling of being a complete stranger for the solution. An addition to this, customer relationships and cultivating faith in your product gets just at your finger-tips!

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