Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

With great business powers comes great functional entrepreneurial parameters !!

Great business powers come only to those who are ready to work for great leadership. And, one of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency”

-Arnold H. Glasgow

Business ups and downs often create business functional crisis to present unexpected business turmoil that affects business process. 2015 Entrepreneurs! Staying up-to-date with the changing trends and fine-tuning your approach is the best way to get going by the business wave. Business passages are often misleading-some are result-driven, others disappointing, or even disastrous!

Do you know that even an adversity can turn into a competitive advantage?

To turn it into an opportunity, you as an entrepreneur, must learn how to apply optimized managerial and leadership skills, despite the risk of running irrelevancy of that specific business skill tomorrow. Every entrepreneur is guided by his own potential energy that integrates all business elements and offers a fresh eye to envisage business solutions. After all, it is up to you to change your business hats (sales hat, marketing hat,) to earn profits for your business!

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs are the best bearers of strong business and leadership skills. With each passing day, their dream of business progress grows stronger than it is today. But just strategic thinking for business is not enough; polishing business skills with these top key success factors can be very rewarding as evolving entrepreneurs of 2015.

  1. Eminent coordinator

An entrepreneur should be an eminent coordinator and an apt bureaucrat. He should be able to effectively channelize business processes across all types of industry partners and sectors. A good entrepreneur is successful in building a strong community level support within all the sectors-government, national and private keeping an eye in meaningful business investments. This can troubleshoot many cross-sectional issues ensuring long-term sustainability of the business seeking support from diverse ministries and government levels.

  1. Relationship Management

Going solo might not lead your business a long way; rather switch to a partnership and relationship management with business partners. Depending upon the partnership type-whether co-owners or multiple partners, strike the right relationship chord by seeking active participation from partners at all levels. A majority vote of partners helps to envisage the business deciding factor that can achieve a specific business goal. Another vantage point is that business can run on lucrative advices such as legal advice, training need, business planning, marketing advice and more from such partners.

  1. Creative mind

It is the first and foremost skill of an entrepreneur to master creativity in visualizing business ideas to success. Many possibilities are turned into success by applying creative strategies that are out-of-the box ideas to catapult your business ethos. The more successful you are in determining your business solution, the more better results you can expect.

  1. Develop a passion

Making your business an outstanding success is the outcome of your passionate efforts in action. Highs and lows are inevitable; what matters most is the willingness to go ahead of the curve and hit the bull’s eye! Entrepreneurs should inhibit deep-rooted drive and a great enthusiasm to stand out in the competition; this unique attribute can transform as a successful venture in future.

  1. Develop a business plan

A business plan is extremely crucial with a potential to make and break the business, even before launching it! Chalk out a top-notch business master plan which is well-thought and created after a meticulous and competitive market analysis that can drive your business.

And, that’s not all! There are more entrepreneurial parameters to count upon! But these top five skills are the key factors of business success, regardless of one-man business or multiple partnership-led businesses.

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