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Don’t build big data; build smart data!


2015 is a big year for data; but more bigger for B2B marketers who turn it into actionable insights. Big data is dead, so is dumb data. This is because…

  • Mobile ecommerce is expected to grow from $133 billion to more than $516 billion by 2017
  • Apps will outnumber desktop access to critical data such as location, Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)
  • Location based ad platforms and feeds will replace web-based cookies
  • Deep linking and app constellations will connect you to specific app content
  • Messaging applications in portals will outgrow to make chat as a major platform

Why the italics? Because most of it are meant to happen post- 2015 exceeding the need for more!

With new communication trends breaching the gap between physical and digital realms, gathering consumer data across time, location, and consumer activity will be the next big thing! The raising and falling figures in this new age will generate strong signals to optimize targeted consumer communications. Marketers can gain deep customer-centric insights answering to the underlying digital marketing factors such as –

  • The why’s behind digital marketing underperformance
  • The if’s and but’s to uniform and fresh data
  • The What’s amount behind significant data variation
  • The What’s percentage of relevancy out of big data
  • The How’s of extracting meaningful data from embedded data system
  • The Where’s of data mis-interpretation

Attention! marketing scientists, not all data is born equal! The real challenge is to find the connecting chord between customers and digital services that drives sales and increases engagement. Marketing analytics, is the next answer to make data more engaging, shareable to drive new marketing currencies. More than 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is extracted every single day. This indicates that data explosion is expected to feed about nine billion people by 2050! Data visualization is the mainstream for cross-channel digital analytics. With so much unstructured and ever-growing data, CMOs are faced with the next big question-

How and where to begin proper utilization of behavioral data? So, let’s go about it!

Fast data; need for speed: Fast data will beat big data in 2015! To do more than just capturing data, data is updated every few minutes from the source. The availability of cross channel customer data is speeding up targeted marketing efforts diminishing resources bottle necks. With more mobile-centric B2B marketers, customer’s journey is more personalized and optimized by-

  • randomly processing of data
  • refining real-time data
  • gaining instant insight, and
  • delivering instant action

Actionable data:Transforming the focus from data capture to data analysis to understand data types will open new analytics solutions. New data visualization tools and BI tools are at force to access data from cloud and gain incredible insights. By the end of 2015, data will become more user-friendly to aid result-driven marketing efforts.

Relevant data: Researching relevant data take up a lot of resources with significant wastage of time. So why not match data format with the right audience to ensure this relevance? Combining content with context and tailored timing can fulfill marketing goals; additionally providing values that matters to audiences.

Smart data: Smart data includes cognitive data analysis to assess new findings that drives intelligent business-driven solutions.The best example to this is intelligent content personalization. Interpretation of this data generated through analysis serves three important purposes:

  • data to describe the pattern of problem and useful solution
  • data prediction for future trends and predictive techniques
  • data decision-making for business actions

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