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Top 3 Leadership skills for 2015 business success!!

Top 3 Leadership skills for 2015 business success

In 2015, leadership crisis is a burning factor of economic decline for most businesses! With new market penetration coupled by shortage of skilled workforce, C-level executives are working hard to fix the confidence gap to tackle company’s future challenges. Out of 90% C-level executives, nearly half of senior executives suffer from doubts and confidence crisis!

All these statements might put you to think -“how do you cultivate true leadership?”Ask the top business leaders! – You are bound to get unmatched answers and opinions. If you are not sure, reflect upon these:

Conventional Myth

Great leaders are born; not made

Leaders have all answers

Unlike hard work, leaders perform smart work

If you are at the top position; you are a leader

Either you are a leader or you follower

Today’s Truth

Leaders are not born; they are made through hard work-Vince Lombardi

Leaders understand solutions rather than answer solutions; leaders hire people better than them

Nothing is achieved without hard work; leaders work with dedication to deliver smart work

Nothing to do with the position; all it takes persistent efforts at every level to optimize success

The opposite of leader is not follower; leaders need followers to create more leaders

From the above, anyone can easily differentiate dreamers from entrepreneurs. Obviously, the latter inspires the next generation to overtake, not just to follow. Rather than asking ‘why’; true leaders asks ‘why not’?


True leadership is defined by results; Not just attributes”– by Peter Drucker

Entrepreneurs, Innovators, start-up enthusiasts and influencers! –

Indeed, it is a challenging task to determine which specific skill set for your management and leadership team can propel your business growth towards the right direction. But remember, it is only up to you to take care of yourself and your employees to drive business decisions. Companies that occupy 20% of financial performance include the best potential skills put to action that challenge future business perpetual crisis, mitigating business risks. Cultivate personal qualities for success; rather than running strategies to determine success.

With this note, hone your skills with the following skill-sets that are the strongest assets for tomorrow’s CEOs/CMO’s:

Passion; an adrenaline drive!

Do what you love to do is the new leadership mantra. All of it is guided by true passion, the true adrenaline to success!

It is no secret that passion paves the way of business success. If you are charged up to attain your business goal, your action will pay off! Here is an example:

This marketing manager makes communication as a top-level priority in the company. In his two-way dialogue, his marketing message involves his commitment, hunger to meet his objectives. This acts as a contagious approach to drive most of his peers and employees to become more passionate people!

Adaptability: To resolve complex business glitches, analyze in person rather than involving a designated team. Accept business differences by implementing a change. Be adaptive to your business environment by switching business plans, wherever required that can drive real-time business results. Think before employing efforts, time and energy, if the business plan really makes sense. Switching to an apt business decision that balances two major costs – opportunity cost and financial cost signalizes a true thought-leader.

Steer clear communication:

The most important thing in communication is to hear, what isn’t being said” – Peter Drucker.

To put it simply, use non-verbal communication as an insight to business problems while planning ahead. Catch the cues dropped by your employee, colleague, staff, customer, client or any other business executive who is a part of your management. This denotes inter-personal communication skills that fosters two-way communication techniques based on gestures (eyes, body postures, facial expressions) sending message seamlessly between two people. Also, communicate your vision to your team clearly highlighting what your business wants to accomplish.

Last but not the least, leave a legacy behind; so that others follow you!

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