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5 Strong Digital Trends that are happening right now !!

Mobile. Mobile and More Mobile:  Everyone is pretty kicked up about the mobile opportunity. Mobile optimized website, sms marketing, and mobile apps download (from news update to bill payment and from ticket booking to dating services) have become the rule of the day and not the exception.  Statistics say that there is more than one billion access internet only through mobile. No wonder, mobile is such a hot cake in digital marketing right now.

Micro Ad Videos: It always pays to be more specific. Many people say that the time of video marketing has arrived. Correction here. Actually the age of micro ad videos have arrived. Thanks to channel like YouTube, now everybody is making micro ad videos and trying to reach out to the audience. Important thing to note: One-third to half of these ad videos are not made by professional ad film makers, but by in house professional working on software like After Effects.

Pre Targeting:  Cookies Disclaimer and Re-targeting have got a cousin now: Pre Targeting. While Re-targeting is about the “how of online transactions of a customer”; Pre Targeting tries to find the reasons and motivation – “Why a customer behaves in a certain online way” and then target them with timely and relevant content.

Smart Wearable Devices: Apple smart watch, Google Glass, Health Fitness Band – one can see the growing adaption of smart wearable devices everywhere. And why not, the future is moving towards IoT (Internet of Things). Besides the obvious corresponding benefits many customers also perceive smart wearable devices as a style statement. Believe it or not, this is going to be a market of $40 billion by 2020. 

Live Crowdsourcing: Online community of writers, designers, travelers, businessman, investors, and professionals – there has been a definite increase in many crowdsourcing platforms in the last few years.  You have a problem, broadcast it and the world answers it with solutions and options. From outsourcing to crowdsourcing – the world is changing right before our eyes.

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