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Top 3 lead gen tools to satiate your sales hunger !!


Today’s CMOs are toiling to generate the highest dollar value of marketing efforts. And at this juncture, most B2B marketers are getting impatient to see quick ROI. But how many of them are ready to sync marketing efforts and time to churn out a solid long-term lead gen strategy? Your marketing strategies that are running at the moment are counted by sales consistency rather than in compatible, weak leads. So beware! short-cut strategies for quick payoff might result in sales waste! With lead gen dominating the major sales department, B2B marketers are faced with next big questions that keeps them awake all-night.

  • What is the best way to capture consistent and high-quality leads ?

  • Which B2B lead gen method is the best magnet to pull-in more leads?

To address these questions, out-of-the box predictive marketing models to aid digital transformation are the latest strategies in 2015. The integration of marketing with technology has proved to facilitate better omni-channel experience and 360 degree customer experience; revolutionizing online and offline worlds together. With this new digital transformation, lets take a quick look on the underlying B2B marketing facts that counts upon today’s era of digital marketing communication.

Quick B2B marketing facts

1. Old vs new techniques :

Old marketing techniques are dead. New B2B sales techniques have replaced oldies to accomplish the same goal-conversions. Today’s customers deserve more than just creating awareness of sales and products. Rather than adhering to 4Ps of product (product, price, placement and promotion), the new school of 6 Cs (contact, connect, conversation, consideration, community and consumption) is the new marketing mantra. To address this, two effective techniques are best helpful:

  • Scarcity technique

Act Now! Buy Now Or You Might Miss a Sales-Ready Opportunity! Interested? Join us Now Else You Might Not Find A Deal So Good Again!

This is a scarcity technique at play. Increasing urgency are time signals that raises an alarm into the customer’s purchasing decision. Using numbers and time limits can gain more conversations rather than a plain-formatted sales text.

  • Responsive Technique

    To make marketing campaigns work, all you need is a responsive technique that can increase ad revenue as well as increase response propensity. Include click-to-buy and click-to call technology to fetch quick response removing the obstructions to purchasing decisions.

  1. Interruption vs permission

Dinner time sales pitches is an old hit-or-miss method which is long dead. Give rights to customers to contact them through permission-based message. This is an opportunity to build relationship and count upon more sales.

Considering the above facts, generating web traffic to your site is just half the battle that you have own for your business. In absence of an effective and compelling lead gen strategy, how do you convert your target audience without wasting much of your time and resources? Here’s how to do it:

Customer referrals

Make customers referrals your organization’s best friends. Include discounts, offer or family coupons for referral to friends and acquaintances. This is an excellent technique to earn new and reliable clients from the most reliable sources. Moreover, it increases the chances to be a well-qualified lead as it is gained from the most trusted sources.

Social media

72% of more sales are generated by social selling teams in 2015. Promoting sales through social media assets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.) are excellent ways to track buying signals from potential customers. Hash tags with relevant search term are excellent ways to route potential clients to find your sale organically.

Live chat

A live chat box is a proven and proactive way of lead qualification. A chat agent can effectively lure the potential customer right from initial interest to converting sales. Once the risk of getting the potential customer into the chat is mitigated, it is easy to convert them through engaging conversation that turns into a valuable sales opportunity.

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