Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor



Cracking the swirling digital marketing whip, it is indeed a challenging journey for many top C level executives-the CEOs, CMOs, CIOs to harness the power of digital technology risk and lead the charge of digital transformation. In today’s digital marketing wave, intelligent business processes are the resultant factors of marketing efforts in conjunction with the right digital technology and fast, efficient actionable interpretation of big data.

Today’s CEOs are more tech-savvy while answering the burning and critical problems of big data to take it one step further in delivering the right decision. With changing new roles in the digital workspace, CEOs and CMOs are transforming into CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) that share the new wave technology skills in adapting the tech-digital integration and build autonomous business decisions for effective decision making.

So, how would you drive the future customer relationships between consumers and businesses?

Answer: Well, this warrants a change in the leadership style to lead your organization amidst complexity of changing business wilderness. As per the recent study global study of CIOs, around 75% of CIOs admit that a change is a must for successful digital business strategy; else you might be missing the real benefits of digital technology.

Getting started with top three emerging techno-geared intelligence tools

Human + digital combo

Intelligence business assistance is the new wave of upcoming techno-based digital marketing strategies. Expected to be launched newly in the digital marketing orbit, remotely-controlled devices to capture dynamic flow of digital information is the new technology of customer retention assets. Implementation of robotic software and machine learning that include sensors combined with optimum capacity network to capture and store high amount of real-time data will aid decision-making replacing the physical work process, while dramatically improving speed and drastically reducing industry cost.

Techno-intelligent tools for future decision making

Digital intelligent tools that analyze large data streams will dramatically augment human capacity of analyzing data. Over the next five years, rich data streams through marketing networks will be channelized to B2B marketers to facilitate rich digital information. This will further drive significant decision-making during changing market conditions.

Intelligent infrastructure for future workforce

Digital marketing expertise requires hybrid skill-sets at the organizational level to gain a multi-channel view of changing dynamics of prospects’ behavior. Employing the right talent, improving products and practices, b2b marketers should instill a management mindset to optimize decision making, undermining uncertainty and ambiguity in decision-making.

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