Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

5 managements that managers must get it right !!


We all work for results. And since results depend on the collective performance of the team, this is one area where managers need to manage and lead his team pro-actively. Managers must make each and every individual in the team realize that specific task lead to specific outcomes. Managers must instill the result oriented work culture. And this comes with goal setting. Tasks have certain objectives to achieve. Managers need to constantly evaluate results, while following deadlines and must have the competencies to accept change and adjust priorities to deliver results.


One question that managers need to constantly ask themselves is: How effectively I am managing the team? One of the easiest ways to measure effectiveness is to follow the adage of Peter.F.Drucker: “Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right things. Whether it is delegation, recognition or motivating the team – managers must effectively lead the team to reach the organizational goals by doing the right things. Managers make things happen and that is the best proof that he/she is effective at work.


One of the biggest misconceptions of time management is utilizing available time in a day for discharging all the assigned tasks and duties. But in reality, time management is not so much about doing everything within a stipulated time – it is more about setting priorities right. Managers will have a list of tasks to do, but they must be able to sieve the most important tasks first and then concentrate on doing that first. Because sometimes, it will be simply impossible to do all the tasks in a day. So prioritizing the important tasks is a very important aspect of time management.


Talent management is different from performance management. Performance management is chiefly concerned with what an employee did over a period of time. Whereas talent management is more about finding the potential in an employee so that an employee can contribute in a bigger way to the team. Talent can be best gauged by the brilliance of how an employee does a thing differently. When managers delegate work to an employee, he/she must take it an opportunity to evaluate that employee. He/she can maintain a simple file with few criteria columns like time taken to complete the task, quality and value added to the tasks, if any. It might be not possible for a manager to maintain the record sheet of all assigned tasks, but it would be a good idea to do some random audit from time to time. Sometimes managers might pose a business problem to his team and ask his/her team members to offer solutions. Mind you, talent management is not just hiring, retaining the right talent. Rather, it is about allowing an employee to utilize his/her talent for the maximum good of the team.


You must innovate or die is not just a maxim, but the stark reality of business. Customers are changing, expectations of clients are changing, the way we do business is changing faster than we can imagine. In this changing landscape, managers must be agile and flexible to constantly renew himself through innovation. To foster the spirits of innovation, managers must encourage his/her team members to come up with new and better ideas to do things. In a corporate environment, innovation doesn’t work in isolation, but through meaningful co-operation within the team. Innovation must be used as a strategic tool for business performance.

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