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7 traits of highly confident people.

Dictionary meaning of the word, “Confidence”.

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As an entrepreneur, I define confidence as: Accurate measurement of one’s own abilities and the trust in the abilities of others to do and accomplish something. Following are the seven traits that I have noticed generally in highly confident people:

  1. CONFIDENCE IS AN INSIDE BUSINESS: Real confidence starts from inside. Confident people are certain of their abilities to do/achieve something. This stems from two situations. One, he has already done the things before. And second, even when they are going to do something for the first time, they can instinctively judge whether they will be able to accomplish it or not.
  1. CRITICISM IS NOT THEIR CUP OF TEA: A truly confident person seldom enjoys bringing other people down through words. And if they speak something harsh about someone, then they seriously mean it. For example, the greatest boxer Mohammed Ali often used to speak harshly and arrogantly about his opponents, because he meant it seriously. It was always a statement of his abilities and not criticism of others.
  1. THEY KEEP CHALLENGING THEMSELVES: Confident people love challenges and constantly keep pushing their limits. They seek new opportunities, get busy solving different problems, and keep coming out with new ideas to improve their lives. All these activities give him a chemical kick. So, he gets confidence to test new challenges.
  1. THEY ARE GOOD LISTENERS: Confident people actively listen to others. By listening actively, they learn from others and they also learn about others. For example, in a team huddle, they understand the viewpoints of others, and therefore, are in better position to and asses the situation. Active listening is an important aspect of their learning and growth process.
  1. THEY KNOW HOW TO SAY NO: Confident people know how to make their stand clear. They are good communicator. They speak with conviction. It’s all about their inner conviction system and good communication ability. They speak assertively what they feel and know how to say “NO” firmly, but politely.
  1. THEY ARE TEAM PLAYERS: Without cooperation, one cannot go far in life. Mutual cooperation and interpersonal skills are big traits of confident people. They are the firm believer of the adage, “Together we can achieve more”. They get along well with other people, and believe in the ability of his team. People trust a confident person and this makes him even more confident.
  1. DEEP SENSE OF PURPOSE: Confident people have deep sense of purpose in whatever they do. This led them to approach every task with greater commitment which ultimately translates into better results in whatever they do. They gain more success and their confidence level keeps growing.





One comment on “7 traits of highly confident people.

  1. martafrant
    April 21, 2015

    This is a good check-list 😉 thank you

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