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5 things CMO must get right in 2015 (Digital Marketing)

1.CUSTOMER FOCUS: 2015 is the year to bring customer back the focus. In this age of spray and pray marketing; personal relevance for the customer is the key. And how do CMO gets the personal relevance right? All the marketing communications across all the channels must deliver an integrated personalized experience that truly addresses a customer’s needs and interests. Forget about the platforms and channels – how you can truly connect and engage with the customers is going to be the game changer. Let all your marketing actions revolve around the customer and fulfilling what he/she needs.

2.SUPERIOR ANALYTICS: CMO has to look beyond the usual metrics of their ad campaign reports. They have to look beyond the usual: what is working and what is not working with a campaign and try to track as a customer journey through various touch points and uncover insights for extremely personalized targeting. From building awareness to lead generation and from a sale to customer retention – deciphering customer behavior across devices and platforms will be the key highlights of analytics. Superior micro analytics is going to help the CMO to follow the maxim: Don’t market to the masses–market to the individual. 

3.RIGHT CONTENT: At the end of the day, any marketing is content marketing irrespective of the channels employed. And that is why it’s so important to communicate the right content. Because right content helps in creating the right buyer personas. Right buyer personas are your targeted audience and why they will be interested in what you are offering to them.  Right content means CMO keeps sending well targeted messages to this audience at right frequency to keep them informed and help them out in fulfilling their needs. So, the key is to educate the audience and offer your brand as a solution to customer problems. It is a sure way to register “a ring” with the audience.

4.VISUAL IMPACT: The impact of visuals on human mind is amazing. CMO can’t afford this aspect when it comes to marketing, because customers buy through their eyes. Customer attention is short and sometimes it is possible only through visual content to communicate your complex message quickly and in a simple way. Caption this: “A study by shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%”. Technology has to play a big role here. CMO must find ways to leverage videos to drive home their marketing message without any technical glitches. The more visuals customer can see on different communication channels, the better marketing results would be.

5.SMOOTH INTEGRATION: When multi channel marketing is norm of the day; it becomes inevitable for the CMO to offer a consistent integrated customer communication. Since CMO is deploying cross channels to attract, nurture and engage customers – he/she must unified the fragmented customer data and leverage it to keep the engagement level high. Beware; if your communications are not integrated it will lead to disjointed marketing activities, severely impacting your marketing strategies and dollars.

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