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One of the things that I have learnt in life is this : Even the smallest of problems in life will keep amplifying if you don’t do anything about it. And on the other hand, big problems which look insurmountable at one stage will start melting way if you start doing something about it – no matter however, small your action is. ACTION is such a powerful word in English language.It’s the best antidote to all our problems in life.It’s the best guarantee to success in life. It simply brings out the best in us and make us Champions.

Remember this: success and failure in life are directly proportionate to our excuses and efforts. The mantra of being successful in life is an open secret. Have a goal, make good plans, and follow it up with ACTION. If you face a problem there, you just have to change your plans and follow it up with greater action. That’s how someone becomes successful in life. I don’t know any exception to this rule. Yet, I see so many people who will start cribbing at the very first sight of problems. They will give you 100 reason why something won’t work, instead of finding one workable solution to their problem. They will keep releasing stream of excuses to cover up their ineptitude and inefficiency, but will refrain from taking any action to solve it. Excuses become such a convenient reason and right justification for their inaction. Someone has rightly said, “The problem is not there are no problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem.” They will immersed themselves in a vortex of self-pity and excuses and cry how life has been harsh to them. Perhaps, they have conveniently forgot the fact that only people in world who don’t have problems are the ones who laid buried peacefully in their grave.

The template of human life is build on problems and solutions. That’s what makes our life so much fun, interesting, challenging and worthwhile to live on. You have to take action to solve your problems and keep your life in balance. Stop making excuses. Confront your problems directly and you will see them kneeling down before you sooner than later. To solve any problem in life you can use the following five steps:

1. Ask the right question to find the core issues

2. Gather and analyze all the available facts accurately

3. Chart out simple but effective workable solutions

4. If you don’t succeed take someone help,

5. and start working again

Even when you are not sure  how to go about a problem; don’t sit and start finding excuses. Just keep your efforts coming, and everything will be alright.

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