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End of the year is here and we were doing our year end introspection on how we did in 2014 and Planning what to do in 2015. Mulling through the Strategic Sessions in dawned on me “Which Customer will cry when I die?”.

Today, this is a huge focus area which needs Corporate Leaders attention from the top and it stems from the basic premise of Customer Engagement and doing our best to help each client. How really engaged with our clients are we?

Sure they are doing business with us and in some cases on a continuous basis for years. So is my Maid who has been serving for over 10 years. Whats the way to elevate your connection to the next level of engagement? I guess that’s the Billion Dollar Question!!

So, lets get back to “Which Customer will Cry when you Die?”. Most of us aligned with the Business to Business sector have to really scratch head and may be count single digit numbers if any. Envision you are dead and close your eyes to see if you see any of your clients at the Crematorium mourning ? If you see a bunch of them, then you most likely did extremely well in life and died a rich man.

For the rest, Here is an action plan with a Dozen Action Items to ensure a bunch of Customers you intensely align with will show up to cry(hopefully) when you die:
1) Focus on Helping each of the key clients you have every day every way. Sure you might need to focus on your top couple of clients to start.
2) Listen intensely to their Pain points and suggest solutions after deep analysis with a true commitment from the bottom of the heart (no faking it please).Give your Clients undivided attention during the meetings and Calls- Ask questions intensely to know what they desire in the year(s) ahead.
3) Ensure you are using the brain cells god gave you to “think” for your client. It is not always said -sometimes you have to stretch those brain cells and come up with solutions that will help your clients grow overcoming their current problems
4) Be their Growth Partner and plan solutions for the long haul
5) Stop being a single trick pony and map multiple solutions of yours to some of the problems your client is facing
6) Analyze what competitors of your clients are doing and give inputs of what you think make sense (at least they know you care )
7) Connect with your Customer on Linked In and other Social channels to Start the alliance with social connects and suggestions with the
8) Become Friends with your Business Partners and Clients. They are indeed partners in your success and more likely going to like you for what you are as a person.
9) Your Key Clients are as important as Family as they put food on the table for your Family. Treat them like gods with similar respect and attention!
10) Train your Subconscious mind to help clients by telling your self “Client name is important”. How many times did you wake up at 4.55am when you set up alarm at 5am. Sure the subconscious works up solutions to help clients
11) Live, Breathe, Surf for your clients and relate with what benefits their business. Sure your internet shopping can wait!!
12) Last but not the least, Think of the Customer’s Customer and How you can help them. No one is in business for themselves – they are helping clients and if you can help their clients you are going to be the ultimate preferred partner.

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