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Go all out and shut your haters up!!

We were hosting a Hospitality and Culinary Awards Event in Goa when I was informed of a Hater note sent via SMS to one of the attendees about me. While I was on the Podium being the Chief Guest giving away the awards, Some of these Haters are like Crickets operating and bitching from behind.I guess “If you don’t have any haters you are not successful yet” .

This blog post about the following topics everyone keeps talking about.

  1. The Truth about extortion?
  2. How many companies and brands do I own and what’s my net worth ?
  3. Fake web site reviews revealed

Remember whoever is trying to bring you down is always below you. I know that if you are successful you will have haters. If more than half ,say 51% of the people like you, then you will be the Prime minister of the country, which means 49% of the people think you are not the right person for the job even when you are at the top.

By no means am I perfect, but I work very hard to make sure my team and clients are happy and successful and of course I always worry about them. Our business has always been powered by Enabling success of customers, vendors and my team of over 3000 employees- The more successful our team gets the more successful I am. We have thousands of success stories, thousands of people all over to confirm this. Unlike competition who are barely surviving trying to pull others down, Our brands are growing because of RESULTS and CUSTOMER FOCUS -THIS IS THE TRUTH. So even though my lawyers said I shouldn’t dignify these haters with a response I figured I would post something for everyone to see using this JT template so folks can find something else to talk or hate.

Doesn’t matter how many success stories we create, how many companies started or how many jobs created, people will always find fault in what you do. Misery loves company and if a person says he was not happy then they could have left anytime and found another company to work with instead of bitching a whining forever. From now on We are just going to focus on the people who believe in us and care for us. So let me answer the questions.

How many companies I own and what’s my networth?

We have many companies in over 3 continents and if you probably go online you will find. We have a very complicated legal trust structure and like most wealthy people its not necessary to post everything you own whether it’s my real estate /investment companies, technology companies, or Luxury brands. We live in a world where everyone likes to see everything and litigious extortionists and fake news websites will come up hosted in terrorist locations to post some BS to make quick money via extortion.

The only reason why people want to find out what we own is so that they can attempt to poke holes in the success story that some how Subhakar Rao is not perfect and now they caught up. People have been using these kind of BS excuses. Folks who I partner with in various companies know me, my advocates who manage and control the legal entities of my companies all over the world, know me. Are these legal?, 200% yes. Do you think you know everything Ambani’s or Reliance owns? Donald Trump owns many companies, you can’t find anything about those online? Bill Gates owns interest in many other companies through his private investment fund and We can’t really find any of those online either. The point; that is why they are called Trusts or Private companies and if they were public entities they would have to be disclosed but as privately held they do not. So no need to reveal all the details of what I own for the exact same reason most successful people I know don’t reveal everything they own. We pay our fair share of taxes so I guess must own something or else what else why would we be paying taxes?.

The extortions I was a victim of

If you have been written about, that means you have succeeded enough. Wal-Mart and Microsoft get sued over 3000 times a year and Infosys got sued for Visa Fraud and that’s same BS and the list goes on. In this world there are 3 ways to get rich…

1)    Win the lottery or hit up on a gold mine

2)    Write Crap on the web and threaten to Sue –then extort

3)    Work hard although that one is not very easy.

So yes I got written up or sued, in fact I got extorted. About 20 years ago in 1994, I was in the IT outsourcing space and was using resources from India to deliver projects for clients globally. A litigious attorney from Michigan took up to sue me  for displacing employment of US employees in a visa case just like the recent Infosys visa case. We settled for $450K after almost a decade of fighting it till 2002. After spending millions, I decided to move on and not let it drag on for ever as it already taken a toll on my family.

Later we got to hear from a lawyer whose experience was in issuing warrants and extorting money that they would also get a warrant issued and go to the media. That is pure extortion, Then one day I got served and I absolutely refused to oblige and pay more because I did not want to set precedents for future extortions and rogue’s who would come out of the woods. Then all of sudden a small media firm reported what was in the complaint. But of course when media writes a story they go with what’s in the alleged legal complaint and reprint all the lies that were said on some website, even though they are not true because they are going off the complaint.

All they need to say is “alleged” but for a layperson they just read that I was wrong. So for example Anybody can sue you and call you a fraud in legal complaint even if it’s not true because what you write in a complaint is judicially protected from you suing back not the basis it’s not true. The worst part is you can’t legally pursue for malicious prosecution until after the case is dismissed and that will run you decades and at least million dollars or crores in legal fees. Yes I know what you are thinking, it’s BS but the worst is when the media reprints those words in the complaint and people google you and they now think you are a fraud.

Well that is what happened to most folks on the path to success, people start sharing all over social media and the haters have a field day. some of my jobless enemies would mass email or SMS it to their know folks, and competitors would talk about and mention the lawsuit. Some people whom I did business shied away thinking I am the Spammer and didn’t want to do business anymore despite we being the one who really got spammed. There was no such thing as guilty until proven innocent, people didn’t even assume I was guilty, they just said I was. Since when does a case filed make you guilty until you have all the facts?

So We spent over a couple of million dollars defending and the irony is that it never got resolved. It was all of us fighting BS motions. Remember the $450k paid and extra millions spent on lawyers is more than the extortion. But it was the principle of it for me and at the end of a decade long case and the law firm would probably fight me to the bitter end. My lawyers advised me to take the deal, and move on with my life. So do you think the media reported that I won, NO. Do you think the haters and everyone who believe this garbage would say, “I am sorry we doubted you”, NO. The irony is people still bring it up, even to this day almost couple of decades later and people don’t know the facts, they know about the initial lawsuit and use that as a basis of truth.

Did this cost us money, Sure did. Is it fun when people bring it up, No but it’s life. I have moved on for over a decade now and so should you. Now you have the truth and make sure you focus on your business making it profitable. It is not a question of “if” you will be sued; it’s a question of when. Everyone as they get Big has FIRs filed or frivolous lawsuits thrown at you but it’s the cost of doing business.

Fake Reviews that competitors or folks who hate post.

I don’t forget the negative reviews on Web. Some even create fake news sites to make it look real. But this pushes you to do better to prove the nay sayers wrong. By this point I have been in business for decades and seen all kinds of negative stuff online. One day we got listed on a website where people post their gripes and as soon as you get a negative review, because of the SEO power of the site, it will appear to the top of the search engine and every time a client Googles you that’s what they see. You know people go on Google not to search the good in people, they go on to search the bad, to find something wrong and say “A-HA”. It’s the world we live in where people are negative and we look for the bad in people rather than the good.

You will find that most negative fake reviews they don’t leave their real names or any names at all. Folks not successful in business keep posting fake items. Now rather than working harder to make their business better it is easier to attack others and try and hurt others business.

If you look at any business, no one has 100% happy clients. But it is your intent to make every client whole that matters. Amazon has an amazing service but people rate it at only 70% satisfaction rate. Facebook status Richard Branson posted about success and then there was this person who whined with this long rant about how Richard is a scam and how Virgin Airline wouldn’t give money back.Do you think Richard Branson for one minute knows about this or had anything to do with it?

Do you think for one minute when the scandal hit JP Morgan Chase Bank, where the CEO Jamie Dimon who makes 30 million plus a year and has over 30,000 employees, had to take responsibility for a rogue trader in London. When you are the top, when anything goes wrong the buck stops there and it sucks but that’s business. We did an esurvey of our clients and I was told by the customer service head that we had over 90+% satisfaction rate. We record every customer call for quality assurance but also to protect ourselves against folks who would later complain to see when we did not deliver. Every client is assigned a customer success rep and accounts manager to keep the lines of communication open and our team is constantly told to use surveys to find out problems before they happen but also find what is happening right making people happy. We have thousands of success stories and plan on putting them all online. A daunting and very arduous task but important to minimize the importance of the haters.

Often the people who complain online and whine and bitch are actually people who are disgruntled or can’t afford your product or service. They will say you are a fraud, a term that seems has grave consequences yet used so loosely. People easily throw the term fraud and scam like if they were saying casually. Case in point, someone wrote a negative web review saying that we were expensive and didn’t deliver. So I called personally and said “I read your review online and I wanted to call you to talk to you about it. He didn’t expect me to call personally. A recent statistic is that over 70% online reviews are fake. I mean you have to pay to get negative reviews down or else it will hurt your business. Google any politician and any business you will find negative things. We just tend to see them more because people click on them and good news doesn’t get read.

Why are your interests Spread across multiple locations ?

In the past couple of years we have spent a lot of time between Bangalore, Goa and of course other india/global locations. The haters have to start speculating because maybe I can scam new territories?. Really? Last time I checked no one is without internet and we are operating in a global world. One of the reasons I have done so much in multiple locations is because it is truly the global interconnected future we are staring at. Businesses are eager to grow in multiple locations, to better themselves and We like the business advantages of multi location investing.

Can’t help if you call me wrong, But I want everyone to like me, Right? Who wants people not to like them? But I am positive that if you don’t like me and you read this blog, you won’t change your mind about me no matter what I say.

You will probably find something else I did wrong. Someone made this amazing quote:

“25% Percent of the People will never like you. You can buy them flowers and they will still hate you.

25% don’t like you but will try

25% like you but will try and find reasons not too

25% will support you always no matter what”

So here is a fact of life. There is no reason to waste time convincing people of who you are. Put them in a category and out of your life.

its true

It’s sad but it’s true

Thanks for listening and I hope we meet someday in the business world. When it comes to success there is a lot of room at the top but it’s the bottom that’s crowded.


Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

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