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4 Lessons for entrepreneurs to learn from Athletes

Entrepreneurs always look up to athletes to fetch motivation from their passion, perseverance and hard work. The same attitude has led to the deeply-rooted sport analogies; leaders as coaches, meetings as huddles, and so on in businesses. While sports have been an indispensable topic of conversations in everyday life, there are a lot of lessons entrepreneurs need to learn to win their game.

Lesson #1 – Focus on skills

Do not try to master everything to become a jack of nothing. Remember that most athletes master in only one sport. The skillset needed for different sports is different and so is the training. So am athlete can give 100% only for one sport he or she is expert in. So when they decide on the sport and the skill, they amplify their skillset to understand what’s making him/her stand out from their competitors. Entrepreneurs need to understand their skills and hone them with practice, patience and perseverance to bring their best game to the field.

Lesson #2 – Sacrifice today for tomorrow

One important characteristic of a sports person is sacrifice. While all the others are feasting during the vacation, athletes would prefer to spend time in the ground instead. Passionate entrepreneurs need to sacrifice their sleep probably to finish a presentation on time. Along with daily tiny sacrifices like these, entrepreneurs might also need to have the potential to change the direction and make the team win.

Lesson #3 – Eye for detail

Athletes often get obsessed about their practice schedule, diet plan, and fitness regime. They ensure they are fit and healthy by working out and practicing. For entrepreneurs to gain that eye for detail, they need to understand the tiny nitty-gritties of the business. They need to understand how every department works and ensure they are managed properly to avoid any pits in the way.

Lesson #4 – Celebrate victories

Have you ever seen the team celebrate after scoring a winning goal in a soccer match or completing a homerun after a baseball game? Enjoying the taste of victory is the best experience a sports person can ever get. Though there need not be a loud applaud for winners in business, but recognizing them brings entrepreneurs closer to employees. Celebrations not just brings the organization together, it acts as a motivation to work for better results.

Entrepreneurs can adopt sports ethics in the organization to give the employees a real feel of winning. Use these lessons to encourage employees to accommodate these principles and you can see in no time your business getting better with operations.

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