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The Science of Motivation and Leadership.

My thoughts on Leadership and motivation!!

Good leadership and motivation two sides of the same coin

A good leader knows what you feel. We have heard a lot of talk about businesses being run in a ruthless manner, devoid of emotions and so on. In the end, humans run these businesses, and most often than not, emotions will play a role. Every transaction that we do has a human touch to it, no matter what type of transaction it is. Tying this emotional connect to business, and understanding the fact that employees perform a lot better when they are happy is essential to the formation of a good leader. Bosses today are preoccupied with filling out excel sheets and attending countless meetings. This does not give them much time to involve in matters that primarily run the business.

To that end, a grassroots-level approach is recommended. Getting into the daily, nitty-gritty processes of the organization is a good way to keep yourself connected to your employees. Most C-suite executives fail to even remember the names of certain employees in the company. That does not mean you go ahead and memorize them. Only when you have a meaningful and satisfying conversation with them, will you remember them well. This can only be done if you take the step forward and interact. Understanding the processes that are being run and handled by your employees is essential in fully understanding your business. This can only be done with a ground-up approach. That being said, too much of anything is also not a good deal. Employees may feel you are being intrusive and dominating if you frequently walk in and ask for updates.

Company culture

Creating a company culture that rewards accomplishments, guarantees equal pay, leverages talent, and pushes innovation are the basic and essential steps that a good leader has to inculcate into his work ethic. Motivation plays a significant part in this process. Motivating an employee to do better than what they are currently working at and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone is and should be every leader’s magic wand. Exhibit to employees what they will gain from stepping ahead of the curb, and you will see a quantifiable change in work outputs. Most employees are good at what they do, but, today, finding those select few who are exceptional at what they do is what makes for great companies and their stories.

Talent and nurturing

Nurturing talent is an essential part of a leader’s profile. You may see some spark in the young employee, but they haven’t been able to really set the sales charts on fire. Give them time. Give them material to read. Give them motivation and then you will see them steadily rising with their talent as well as output. This is a proven fact and many experts that we see today have all developed under the wings of leaders who have shown them the way.

Every leader has their positive and negative aspects. The good leader is the one who knows these well about themselves and utilizes them whenever necessary, and finally, keeps the interest of their employees in mind every time a decision is taken.

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